EAA brought home a Museum Rat: the BEST SCIENTIFIC EVENT 2016 was Rode Altarpiece in Close-up, a joint project between the Estonian Academy of Arts and Art Museum of Estonia

On 27 January, the annual conference of Estonian museums took place in the Estonian National Museum; the best museum specialists were recognised and ten awards and one special prize were presented at the gala that followed. The Museum Council working under the Ministry of Culture recognised the project Rode Altarpiece in Close-up as the best scientific event of 2016; the project was a collaboration between the Art Museum of Estonia and the EAA Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation,. The project was led by the EAA Associate Professor Hilkka Hiiop; the work group included Hedi Kard, Kaisa-Piia Pedajas, Grete Nilp and junior researcher Andres Uueni on the analysis.

Rode Altarpiece in Close-up (2013–2016) of Niguliste Museum, one of the branches of the Art Museum of Estonia, focuses on the technical investigation and conservation of the retable (1478–1481) of the high altar of Tallinn’s St. Nicholas’ Church, which was made in the workshop of the Lübeck master Hermen Rode. Important aspects of the project included conducting photographic, computer and scientific investigations, thorough documentation of the artwork and mapping the information. Great attention was paid to popularising academic research through the educational programme and multimedia solutions that covered workshops and the research results (web site, blog, interactive multimedia programme, science web, etc.).

Congratulations to all!

The Art Museum of Estonia project Rode Altarpiece in Close-up

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Associate Professor of the EAA Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation and head of the Rode Altar research project Hilkka Hiiop and junior researcher Andres Uueni accepting the Museum Rat award
Associate Professor of the EAA Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation and head of the Rode Altar research project Hilkka Hiiop and junior researcher Andres Uueni accepting the Museum Rat award
Representatives of the project participants – Art Museum of Estonia, Estonian Academy of Arts, University of Tartu and Estonian Environmental Research Centre – together with the Museum Rat award
Representatives of the project participants – Art Museum of Estonia, Estonian Academy of Arts, University of Tartu and Estonian Environmental Research Centre – together with the Museum Rat award
Drag competition in NO99, a collaboration between the Estonian Academy of Arts, Grimmikool and the Drama School of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Additional show!


On 4 and 5 February, the 28th graduating class and master’s students of the Drama School will transform themselves into drag queens. A catwalk stretches like a narrow tongue to the centre of the room, speakers are flooded with music that grabs us by our spleen, walls glitter, spotlights shimmer. One by one, people step in front of us who for one instance have the power to turn the whole universe into a meeting place for happy beings. They will engage in a lip sync battle and test their acting skills.

→ The stage will be lit up by:

Anita Kobayashi, Fabuloosne Marii Virgin Mesike, Leonardo Da Silva, Bianca Barbara Ivy, Sister Michele, Carmen Alexia, Angelica Del Rio, Ursula Atractivo, Öördh Džuiss, Coco Cain, Marie Poppers, Ingel, Häbelik Loola, Adele Sepp, Camilla Velma ‘Vahet Pole’ Veenus and many others.

→ Costumes will be made by EAA fashion styling and fashion design students in a winter workshop supervised by the experienced and renowned costume designer and make-up artist Gerly Tinn.

Participating EAA students: Kreeta Aidla, Svea Altjõe, Jasmin Isabel Kaunismäe, Krista Kippar, Tiina Kärsna, Margrit Malva, Liina Raidoja, Hanna Saagpakk, Triin Uustalu, Kadri Vahar, Sirli Pohlak, Silvia Sigrid Sillaots, Kreet Kärner, Karita Kärmet.

→ Staged by Jüri Nael

→ Thanks to our costume partners: Theater NO99, Estonian Drama Theatre, Mikk Purre and others.

→ Performances on 4 and 5 February in the NO99 Theatre Hall start at 19:00.

→ The 4 February performance is sold out.

Tickets for the Sunday performance available here (in Estonian)

FB: EAAstylistics


A number of active students of architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, interaction design and other fields came to the workshops of the Department of Interior Architecture on the penultimate weekend of January. The new edition of the design hack in cooperation with Garage48 focused this time on areas of collective use in urban space. The main prize went to the social furniture Connecting Chair, which proposed a two-legged stool that needs a fellow stool to stay up. It is enough to take your two-legged stool and walk up to someone with a similar stool and ask, ‘Can I lean on you?’

Connecting Chair also earned the La Muu Special Prize with 12 kilos of ice cream for a daring and wild idea and an office space for six months from Tellisikivi Creative City.

The Tallinn Music Week Special Prize was awarded to the project Social Hub, which plans to turn the Maakri Street garage complex into a good-quality urban space.

The Garage48 Special Prize went to the project Open Doors, which proposed that empty garages could be used as musical instruments.

The Department of Interior Design acknowledged the team Elotsõõr who wanted to produce affordable smoke saunas.

We thank our partners: Garage48, Tallinn Music Week, Rakke School, La Muu, Cultural Endowment, Estonian Urban Lab, Estonian Film Institute, EETA
The winning team Connecting Chair: Mirko Känd, Semel Kari, Ellen Sepp and Kirke Mae Pähn. Photo by Patrik Tamm
The winning team Connecting Chair: Mirko Känd, Semel Kari, Ellen Sepp and Kirke Mae Pähn. Photo by Patrik Tamm
The heritage conservation area planned in Sillamäe would be the biggest fully preserved Neoclassicist architectural ensemble in the region

In summer 2015 within the framework of Observation Practice, the EAA Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation made an inventory and documented the objects in Sillamäe to establish a protected zone there. The planned heritage conservation area would be the largest fully preserved Neoclassicist urban complex in the region.

The National Heritage Board commissioned the head of the practice, EAA MA graduate Kristo Kooskora, to write a final report based on the inventory with the aim of compiling as much information as possible to establish a heritage conservation area and its protected zone in Sillamäe.

The history of this naturally beautiful settlement is singular and complex. The lovely summer resort situated on the northern coast became a closed city after World War II. Integrated Plant No 7 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR was built there to produce enriched uranium, and it operated under strict secrecy until 1990. During the 1940s and 1950s, a new grandiose urban environment was built to serve the secret industry. The richly-ornamented buildings, stylised parks and boulevards have been preserved to this day.

The inventory mapped the architectural properties of the Neoclassicist district, documented the current state of buildings and urban environment, and checked the present function and condition of buildings located in the older district. The thorough final report includes forms for 99 buildings of the planned heritage conservation area and descriptions for 78 objects situated in the protected zone. Photo documentation of the oldest workers’ houses on Sõtke Street that were demolished at the beginning of 2016 have been added to the report, along with several illustrative maps.

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The heritage conservation area planned in Sillamäe would be the largest fully preserved Neoclassicist urban complex in the region
The heritage conservation area planned in Sillamäe would be the largest fully preserved Neoclassicist urban complex in the region
Studies begin at the EAA Prep Academy

Updated EAA preparatory courses – now called Prep Academy – start today. Three courses have been created in collaboration with faculties: (Interior) Architecture and National Heritage and Conservation, Fine Arts and Design Prep Academy.

Presently, all study groups have exceeded their planned capacity. The average age of Prep Academy students is 26 years, the majority is female (there are five men attending) and overwhelmingly they come from Tallinn or Harju County.

20 students will start the (Interior) Architecture and Conservation Prep Academy SPACING. The course will tackle the most important topics and skills in the field of architecture; the participants will have the opportunity to see how these specialities are taught in the academy. Lecturers in the Architecture Prep Academy include Alina Nurmist, Gert Guriev, Juhan Hint and Liina-Liis Pihu.

18 students will start the Fine Arts Prep Academy PURE ART, NO BULLS**T! FIRST THINK, THEN ACT. This programme offers general skills and introduces art practices that are based on current trends in contemporary art. In order to better grasp the concepts, the Fine Arts Prep Academy focuses on understanding and interpreting the art and culture of recent history. Courses in this Prep Academy are given by young lecturers Madli Ehasalu, Mari-Liis Rebane, Mart Vainre, Olivia Verev and Marko Nautras who are all active in the field of contemporary art.

The first part of the Design Prep Academy PLANNED PLANNED... PLANNED AND DONE will start on 11 February with courses taking place on Saturdays. 25 young people will start their studies at this Prep Academy. The Design Prep Academy students also include those who live outside Harju County (in Viljandi, Saare and Tartu County). This course focuses on the intersection of all the specialities of the Faculty of Design, and it introduces the designer’s thought process and main skill set for each speciality. The course gives an overview of contemporary design and the main issues in design, and it offers the students an insight into the requirements intrinsic to compositions, shows the pencil as a tool for communication and teaches how to prepare a professional portfolio. Thereafter, speciality modules will give a more in-depth overview of necessary professional skills and practices. Speciality departments will provide a clearer understanding of the specific speciality and the final output, i.e., they will introduce the profession and what it takes to work in this field in the present day. The Design Prep Academy courses are given by Merike Rehepapp, Aleksander Jakovlev, Ülle Marks, Andrei Kormašov and the department lecturers.

We wish the students of the EAA Prep Academy an enriching learning experience!

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Piret Frosch

Training Coordinator, Open Academy


Estonian Academy of Arts

Estonia pst 7, Tallinn 10143

Tel. 626 7326
Design by Robin Nõgisto
Design by Robin Nõgisto

Peer-review of Sofia Hallik’s personal exhibition

Born-Digitals, a solo show by art and design doctoral student Sofia Hallik that is attached to the creative part of her doctoral project will be pre-reviewed on Wednesday 1 February at 14:00 at HOP Gallery.

The exhibition is open from 26 January to 14 February.

Her doctoral project is supervised by Prof. Kadri Mälk (Estonian Academy of Arts) and Dr. Jaak Tomberg.

The peer-reviewers of the exhibition are Dr. Kärt Ojavee (Estonian Academy of Arts) and Dr. Raivo Kelomees (Estonian Academy of Arts).

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Sofia Hallik, Born-Digitals
Sofia Hallik, Born-Digitals

Open lecture in architecture

Danish architect MARTI TAMKE

Kanuti Gildi SAAL

2 Feb 2017 at 18:00

Danish architect Martin Tamke investigates the intersecting points between architecture and information technology and will give a public lecture this Thursday in Tallinn.

This Thursday, February 2nd at 6 pm, the Open Lecture Series of the architecture faculty will be happy to present architect Martin Tamke at Kanuti Gildi SAAL (Pikk 20, Tallinn). Tamke is Associate Professor at the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA) in Copenhagen. He is pursuing a design-led research in the interface and implications of computational design and its materialization. In addition to giving a lecture, Tamke visits Tallinn to participate in the jury of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB installation programme, which is about to select the winner of the 2017 competition. Open Lectures are open to all architecture students, professionals and general audience intrigued by spatial matters: the lectures are in English and free of charge.

The lecture series is supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia and organised by the EAA Department of Architecture.

Curated by Sille Pihlak, Siim Tuksam.

Additional information: Pille Epner / / +372 642 0071

More about CITA

FB: EAA Architecture

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Lace Wall: a hybrid structure with a form that depends on the properties of the material
Lace Wall: a hybrid structure with a form that depends on the properties of the material
Open lecture in jewellery

Tracy Steepy & Lori Talcott


On 30 January, Tracy Steepy and Lori Talcott, jewellery artists and lecturers at Rhode Island School of Design, gave the open lecture Diptych: Grey and Black.
Tracy Steepy
Tracy Steepy
Tracy Steepy is an artist whose work focuses on the format and subject matter of jewelry. Her material research focuses primarily on the use of resin and its inherit color potential as a signifier of content. She received her BFA from Indiana University and her MFA from SUNY/New Paltz. 2008 she was in Stockholm for an artist in residence at MADE BY Studios. Her work is represented in USA at the Sienna Gallery in Lenox, MA where her series Topographies Never Traveled, was featured in 2016. Tracy Steepy is an Associate Professor and current Head of Department of the Jewelry + Metalsmithing program at Rhode Island School of Design.
Tracy Steepy artwork
Tracy Steepy artwork
Lori Talcott
Lori Talcott
Lori Talcott is a jewelry artist whose work and research focuses on jewelry's role as an agent in rituals that negotiate social, temporal, and spiritual boundaries. Talcott grew up in a family of jewelers and makers. After her undergraduate work in art history (Lund University) and metal design (University of Washington), she worked as an apprentice to a master silversmith in Norway, and later completed her MFA in Visual Arts (Vermont College of Fine Arts). Her work is represented in the USA by Sienna Gallery. She is currently a Guest Lecturer at Rhode Island School of Design.
Lori Talcott artwork
Lori Talcott artwork

A Space Above the Line

Group show by EAA master students in Graphic Art

Hobusepea Gallery, Hobusepea 2, Tallinn

2 - 20 Feb 2017

Opening on 2 Feb at 18:00

A Space Above the Line, a group show by Giulia Landonio, Johanna Greta Mölder, Ann Pajuväli and Irma Isabella Raabe is opened at Hobusepea Gallery on Thursday 2 February 2017 at 18:00. The exhibition project is supervised by Margit Säde and Liina Siib.

EAA master students in graphic art will ostensibly turn the gallery into a fully functional flat that seems to have all the same elements as a conventional home. However, it is not quite certain if it is an Airbnb flat, a freshly renovated office space or a concept store for furniture located in the Old Town. Rather, it is a space that aims to be a space – a space-in-becoming – a space-on-tour – that never reaches its destination. The exhibition simulates a dystopian post-truth space that is simultaneously both private and public, virtual and physical, where sound and echoes dwell, but not humans.

What can we make with all this that doesn’t fit on the dotted line or in the appointed shelf? Where can we put all the human obsessions, fears, anxieties and desires – the inner monologue that fills the senses? Such occupation of space creates unexpected shifts where things cease to function as presumed, free associations become reality, awkward confessions and deviations are allowed, and the irrational becomes the only reality.

Every Sunday during the exhibition, there is an event programme that offers a meeting place for various activities connected with sound, words and listening as a counterbalance to the post-truth environment.


5 Feb at 14:00. Authors Margit Lõhmus, Kristjan Haljak, Eileen Änilane, Anne Kaare and Kristel Birgit Pottsepp from Värske Rõhk read their texts.

12 Feb at 14:00. Voice workshop by Riina Maidre; Piret Karro reads her poems.

19 Feb at 14:00. Kadi Estland talks about her online book Curriculum Vitt; Margit de Säd’s listening session.

Thanks to: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, EAA Department of Graphic Art, Jan Lütjohann, Kirill Tulin, Heldur Lassi, Marko Nautras, authors from Värske Rõhk, Riina Maidre, Kadi Estland, Jaak Arula, Audioguide Ltd, Hans-Gunter Lock, Alar and Marju Raabe.

The exhibition will remain on view until 20 February.

The Hobusepea Gallery exhibition programme is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the Estonian Ministry of Culture.

Sofia Hallik’s Born-Digitals

26 Jan - 14 Feb 2017

HOP Gallery, Hobusepea 2, Tallinn

Sofia Allik (b. 1991) is a jewellery artist and doctoral student at the Estonian Academy of Arts (since 2015). In her doctoral project Theomorphic Jewellery Essence by Means of Virtuality and Autonomy (supervised by Prof. Kadri Mälk and Dr. Jaak Tomberg), the young artist focuses on the search of the divine form through innovative materials and technologies. Most of all, she is interested in how the cyber-space and digital technology influence jewellery art.

Norman Orro’s personal exhibition Down to Earth

EAA Gallery

→ 4 Feb 2017

Food and Vessel

EAA Department of Ceramics exhibition

Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design Gallery

→ 26 Feb 2017

Jaanus Samma’s personal exhibition Divider

Temnikova & Kasela Gallery, Lastekodu 1, Tallinn

→ 11 March 2017

Available posts


Main tasks:

Planning and organising the work of the Department of Interior Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture in cooperation with the Head of Department. The work includes the following tasks:

• Communicating academic information and organising the information flow

• Handling study documentation, including the Study Information System

• Collecting information about study loads and forwarding it to the Department of Academic Affairs

• Compiling various contracts that are required for organising studies

• Forwarding study-related information to foreign and visiting students in cooperation with the Department of International Relations and Academic Affairs

• Compiling study-related reports

• Other tasks pertaining to study and managing the department

Prerequisites for the candidate:

• Higher education

• Excellent command of spoken and written Estonian

• Excellent command of spoken and written English

• Computer skills for programs relevant for the position

• Cooperation skills

• Good communication skills

• Routine and stress tolerance

• Accuracy, precision and responsibility

Optional Prerequisites:

• Prior experience of administrative work

• Experience in handling documents

• Experience in organising work

• Interest in architecture and design

The EAA Faculty of Architecture offers:

• Inspiring work in an innovative environment

• The possibility to meet the most prominent professionals in the field

• The possibility to participate in exiting projects as administrative support

• A youthful work environment

• Holiday time of 35 calendar days per year

Other information:

In order to apply, please send your CV and cover letter via CV Keskus or to the e-mail address by 3 February 2017.

Additional information:

Location: Tallinn

Start date: as soon as possible

Type of job: full-time job

Contract type: work contract

Salary: starting from 1,000 euros per month

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Main tasks:

Preserving and organising the use of archival records at the Estonian Academy of Arts, including:

• Compiling the list of records, adding new records to the EAA archive, organising the records and ensuring their preservation

• Digital archiving and preservation

• Preparing the records for transfer to the National Archives and transfer of archival records

• Organising the destruction of records

• Answering to archival enquiries

• Archival consulting with workers of structural units

Prerequisites for the candidate:

• Degree in Archiving

• Prior experience of three years in the field of archiving

• In-depth knowledge of archiving

• Knowledge of laws on archiving

• Command of spoken and written Estonian

• Computer skills for programs relevant for the position

• Ability to make decisions and take responsibility

• Proactiveness, good communication and cooperation skills

• Ability to plan time

• Accuracy, precision and responsibility

We offer:

• A work environment amidst creative people

• Relevant work tools and equipment

• The possibility for further education

• A vacation of 35 calendar days per year

Other information

In order to apply, please send your CV with your salary expectation via CV Keskus or to the e-mail address by 6 February 2017.

Additional information:

Location: Tallinn

Commencement date: March 2017

Type of job: part-time job, 0.5 load

Contract type: fixed-term employment contract (for the duration of parental leave)

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