Group exhibition “Ideations of the World”

Group exhibition “Ideations of the World"

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Group exhibition “Ideations of the World”
Opening on 21.05, 7 pm
Manufaktuuri 7, Uue Loomingu Maja (ULM)

Artists: Alyona Movko-Mägi, Ats Kruusing, Cloe Jancis, Kati Müüripeal, Lara Brener, Laura Liventaal, Maris Paal, Noah Emanuel Morrison, Samuel Lehikoinen, Zody Burke
Curator: Liisi Kõuhkna
Graphic design: Taylor Tex Tehan

Jaan Valsiner (2021) has written, that culture is a part of a person’s relationship with their self and the outside world. Due to psychological limitations, animals have to accept the fact of an experience as they are unable to enrich the experience with meaning. However, people cannot be satisfied with the fact that a bad experience has taken place. They feel the need to make sense of it – to give it meaning. If a car accident is explained as a coincidence, it does not sound too meaningful. By adding karma or sorcery as a justification for the event, one has enriched a personal experience with cultural significance. People are the creators of meanings, and the meanings they create frame their relationships with their surroundings. Art is a delusion, that speaks the truth (Picasso).

Post-opening DJ set by DJ Robert Nokolajev

Open until 26.05
Sat-Thur 12 am–6 pm 

Installation and technical support: Estonian Fairs Centre, Valge Kuup Studio, Tallinn Art Hall


Laura Liventaal is an Estonian artist and filmmaker, who is interested in physicality, tactility, intimacy and uniqueness of an individual experience. Her work was last exhibited at the EKA Young Sculptor Award Exhibition at ARS Art Factory 17.02-05.03.2022.

Samuel Lehikoinen is on abstract and surreal painter from Finland. His last solo exhibition “Strange questions” took place in Helsinki, Malmitalo Center on 10.02-6.3.2022. His works are depicting dream states and obsessive thought patterns with repetition and sense of materiality.

Maris Paal is a painter, who has graduated from the Painting Department at Pallas University of Applied Sciences and received further education in Greece and Hungary. Her last exhibition with Brita Maripuu “Parallel Potentials” took place in Põhjala Tehas on 17.04-01.05.2022. 

Kati Müüripeal is an Estonian painter, who has participated in several group exhibitions since 2019. In her painting she depicts abstract magical realism. 

Cloe Jancis has studied photography at EKA. Her last exhibition took place at the Riga Photography Biennale on 21.05.2022 , where she represented Estonia with an artist Sigrid Viir.

Zody Burke is an American artist and musician. The last exhibition “Mousetrap. America eats it young ”took place at the DOM Gallery in Riga from 1.04-15.04.2022. In addition, on 17.02.2022 she participated in the EKA Young Sculptor Award Exhibition at the ARS Art Factory and won the silver medal.

Lara Brener is an artist and educator from São Paulo, Brazil. She is interested in building ambiguous narratives and spaces that could incite memories and projections. Her works are developed mostly by experimentations in text, photography, and graphic processes.

Noah Emanuel Morrison is an artist and a professional photographer from New York. The main art mediums used in his work are video, photography and text. He is interested in the topics of gender, nationality and origin, family and race.

Ats Kruusing is a master’s student at EKA, whose main art mediums are painting, photography and video. He participated in the EKA graduation festival TASE21. He is mostly interested in everyday rituals, relationships between space and the individual and modern masculinity and sexuality.

Alyona Movko-Mägi is an audiovisual and video artist studying at EKA. She creates installations and art with mixed media. The artist recreates her perception, revealing the inseparable connection between image and sound. She collaborates with directors, orchestras and theaters and works in the field of new media. 

The curator Liisi Kõuhkna is an art therapist and artist, who has graduated her BA (2014) and MA (2016) in art therapy at Tallinn University. She is currently studying jewellery and blacksmithing, curating in EKA.

Liisi Kõuhkna

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