Urve Dzidzaria. Fragment of a panel removed from the former building of EKA on Tartu Road before its demolition. 1973. Sgraffito. EAAM.

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The Estonian Academy of Arts Museum (EAAM) preserves, researches and presents a valuable art collection, the main part of which consists of student works spanning more than a hundred years – the so-called Methodological Fund. The museum was established de jure on 19 March 2019, and in its current phase of operation it focuses on mapping the contents of the art collection and its modern storage methods. In consistent cooperation with the different departments of the academy, the museum continues to collect the most accomplished student works and materials related to the school’s history. By following EAAM’s Facebook page, you can learn more about its collection of old and new artworks and keep up to date with its latest news.

EKA Museum “A Child Thing” at EKA Gallery 21.10.–29.11.2022

Estonian Academy of Arts Museum exhibition: A Child Thing. Children’s designs by students at EKA 21.10–29.11.2022 at EKA Gallery

Reeli Kõiv On Invisible Monumental Painting

Dear colleagues and students,

Invitation: Lunchtime Guided Tour for Students and Staff of EKA at the Exhibition Invisible Monumental Painting

Dear colleagues and students, You are kindly invited to join the lunchtime guided tour at the exhibition Invisible Monumental Painting. Monumental art by students at the Painting Department of EKA 1962–1995, organised by the ...

An evening with “The Morning” at the EKA Gallery

On 3 September from 5 pm, an event An Evening with “The Morning”, summarising the activities related to the fresco panel will be held at the EKA Gallery. Speakers ...

Fragments of Dolores Hoffman’s Fresco Added to the EKA Museum Collection

A new supermarket will soon be built on the former site of the Rahu Cinema in Kopli. Fortunately, the 74 square metre fresco panel by Dolores Hoffmann in the former ...

The Newly Established EKA Museum Collects Outstanding Student Works

The newly established EAA Museum seeks to reflect on the history of higher art education – to this day will also become history. The primary selection is made by the supervisors and ...