ERKI Fashion Show

ERKI Fashion Show 2020 winner Annika Kiidron, collection "Give Me My Fairytale". Photo: Arnaud Laufeuillade
Saturday, August 29, the ERKI Fashion Show took place. The first place was taken home by Annika Kiidron, the second place went to Mariliis Niine and the third place to Milana Felicija Semjonova. With a lot of handicrafts and details, the author of the winning collection “Give Me My Fairytale” Annika Kiidron commented right after the awarding ceremony that the victory of ERKI Fashion Show is a great springboard for her and helps to make even bigger and more powerful plans. “I am planning to continue to associate traditional handicrafts with men’s fashionwear. I will also continue to use old materials to create something special and new from them,” said the second time winner of the fashion show. “You don’t have to throw everything away, especially worthwhile crafts,” Kiidron plans to continue her works based on recycling. Annika Kiidron’s winning collection “Give Me My Fairytale” is an ode to handicrafts and a kind of rescue operation. The aim was to give a new life to the worn-out textiles, which many consider kitsch, so the collection was full of colorful dreams and forgotten fairy tales.

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Attention dear EKA family! Discounted ERKI Fashion Show tickets just for you!

ERKI Fashion Show is celebrating its 40th birthday and although the tickets are already up in Piletilevi, the organisational team would like to offer you a better deal! The students and employees of Estonian Academy of Arts get a chance to purchase tickets for a discounted price! Until June 10th (included) all Estonian Academy of Arts students and employees are able to purchase tickets to ...
ERKI Moeshow 2022 backstage

Deadline for ERKI Fashion Show 2022 design competition extended until March 21!

The ERKI Fashion Show of EKA will meet designers requests and extend the deadline for submitting designs. The designs are expected to be submitted by March 21, 6 pm. Due to the spread of the coronavirus and the current situation in society, we are responding to the competitors’ request for an extension of the deadline.  Thus, all high school graduates, currently studying at a university / ...
ERKI Moeshow 2021 kollektsioonide näitus

ERKI Moeshow 2021 Collection Exhibition

ERKI Fashion Show, an insane event for EKA (prev ERKI) students that started in 1982, has now become one of the most popular and craziest fashion art events in Estonia. This year, ERKI Fashion Show took place for the 34th time at Patarei Sea Fortress where every designer had the opportunity to show their creation on an independent showcase. Thirteen sets from the ERKI Moeshow 2021 collection ...

ERKI Fashion Show 2021

It is the time when a person can escape from the uncertainty and the surrounding panic by just using his/her imagination. ERKI Fashion Show, which is this year held for the 34th time, is the place where once a year everybody can forget themselves and their worries. This year’s ERKI Fashion Show will be held at Patarei Sea Fortress, one of the most popular places this summer. What makes ERKI ...
EKRI show - Mariliis Niine

ERKI Fashion Show 2021 design competition

On January 18th ERKI Fashion Show 2021 team has announced the collection design draft competition! Boosting fashion since the 20th century ERKI Fashion Show, directed to young fashion designers, students and all sorts of fashionistas, is back with a push for the 2021 design competition. Participants have a chance to stun the audience with their craziest designs, wildest creative fantasies and ...

ERKI Fashion Show to announce competition for 2020

It is time to seek out the brightest ideas, because ERKI Fashion Show 2020 is on its way. Estonian Academy of Arts once again presents the biggest fashion event in Estonia, which is a platform for young fashion designers. It helps to encourage young people to present their unique creations to the public. ERKI is hoping to see creative and aspiring young people with crazy and enormously ...

ERKI fashion show 2018 finalists announced!

On 26th May the ERKI fashion show will take place for the 31th time. The international jury selected 20 collections for the final fashion show: Andreas Kübar „Restitutio“ Annika Kiidron „It’s A Trap?“ Barbara Vasileva „Hidden tradition“ (Venemaa) Cärol Ott „KÕIK ON TROIS!“ Dita Enikova „Territory“ (Läti) Getter Tiivits „STARGAZER“ Karola Kaugema „Khrushchyovka“ Katrin Aasmaa „VELTA“ Kerttu ...

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Daana-Loreen Kägra
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Anu Kadri Uustalu
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Stage Design
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Victoria Truuvert
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