ERKI Fashion Show

ERKI Fashion Show 2022 Backstage. Photo: Martin Buschmann
ERKI Fashion Show is one of the most outstanding annual program, that is aiming to promote art and culture while contributing to the encouragement of a new generation of talented designers or artists and exposing them to the eye of the public in Estonia and abroad.   ERKI Fashion Show 2023 Model’s street casting

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ERKI Moeshow 2024

ERKI Fashion Show 2024

Estonian Academy of Arts / June 18, 2024 ERKI Fashion show 2024 focuses on illusions and parallel worlds that we create for ourselves through social media and technology. However, such dreamlike bubbles often help us cope with real-life difficulties. As creators, we also construct our own worlds where we can act without criticism. The fashion show encourages seeking balance, ...
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ERKI Fashion Show 2024 is looking for models!

This year, the legendary and always surprising ERKI Fashion Show, which takes place in the Estonian Academy of Arts and is born in cooperation with the students of the Estonian Academy of Arts, is looking for models for the fashion show on June 18. The casting of the models will take place on May 4 at 12:00 in the atrium of the Solaris shopping center, at Estonia puiestee 9. At the event at ...
Mia Tohver Erki Moeshow 2023

ERKI Fashion Show 2024 design competition OPEN CALL

The legendary fashion show of the Estonian Academy of Arts, ERKI Fashion Show, once again invites designers to submit their works to the design competition from January 23rd 2024. ERKI Fashion Show has long encouraged young fashion designers to push the boundaries of their creativity and has also provided a supportive platform for their expression. ERKI Fashion Show is known for its freedom ...

ERKI Fashion Show 2023

Get ready for the most legendary fashion event of the year – the ERKI Fashion Show is happening again on June 17, 2023! As the virtual world continues to evolve, our lives are becoming increasingly digitised, altering our experiences. The metaverse is a potential destination where people can interact in ways that are not possible in the physical world. This space offers endless opportunities ...
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ERKI Fashion Show 2023 is looking for models!

ERKI Fashion Show is seeking models for the fashion show taking place on the 17th of June in Noblessner. The model street cast will take place on the 6th of May from 12:00-15:00 at the Solaris shopping center in Tallinn, located at Estonia pst 9. Both designers and model and casting agency Agency Icon will be present. If you are at least 15 years old, ready for stepping out of your comfort ...
ERKI Moeshow 2022 backstage

Deadline for ERKI Fashion Show 2022 design competition extended until March 21!

The ERKI Fashion Show of EKA will meet designers requests and extend the deadline for submitting designs. The designs are expected to be submitted by March 21, 6 pm. Due to the spread of the coronavirus and the current situation in society, we are responding to the competitors’ request for an extension of the deadline.  Thus, all high school graduates, currently studying at a university / ...
ERKI Moeshow 2021 kollektsioonide näitus

ERKI Moeshow 2021 Collection Exhibition

ERKI Fashion Show, an insane event for EKA (prev ERKI) students that started in 1982, has now become one of the most popular and craziest fashion art events in Estonia. This year, ERKI Fashion Show took place for the 34th time at Patarei Sea Fortress where every designer had the opportunity to show their creation on an independent showcase. Thirteen sets from the ERKI Moeshow 2021 collection ...