ERKI Fashion Show

Collection by Karl-Cristoph Rebane at ERKI 2019. Photo: Arnaud Laufeuillade
Saturday, August 29, the ERKI Fashion Show took place. The first place was taken home by Annika Kiidron, the second place went to Mariliis Niine and the third place to Milana Felicija Semjonova.

With a lot of handicrafts and details, the author of the winning collection “Give Me My Fairytale” Annika Kiidron commented right after the awarding ceremony that the victory of ERKI Fashion Show is a great springboard for her and helps to make even bigger and more powerful plans.

“I am planning to continue to associate traditional handicrafts with men’s fashionwear. I will also continue to use old materials to create something special and new from them,” said the second time winner of the fashion show. “You don’t have to throw everything away, especially worthwhile crafts,” Kiidron plans to continue her works based on recycling.

Annika Kiidron’s winning collection “Give Me My Fairytale” is an ode to handicrafts and a kind of rescue operation. The aim was to give a new life to the worn-out textiles, which many consider kitsch, so the collection was full of colorful dreams and forgotten fairy tales.

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EKRI show - Mariliis Niine

ERKI Fashion Show 2021 design competition

On January 18th ERKI Fashion Show 2021 team has announced the collection design draft competition! Boosting fashion since the 20th century ERKI Fashion Show, directed to young fashion designers, students and all sorts of fashionistas, is back with a push for the 2021 design competition. Participants have a chance to stun the audience with their craziest designs, wildest creative fantasies and ...

ERKI Fashion Show to announce competition for 2020

It is time to seek out the brightest ideas, because ERKI Fashion Show 2020 is on its way. Estonian Academy of Arts once again presents the biggest fashion event in Estonia, which is a platform for young fashion designers. It helps to encourage young people to present their unique creations to the public. ERKI is hoping to see creative and aspiring young people with crazy and enormously ...

ERKI fashion show 2018 finalists announced!

On 26th May the ERKI fashion show will take place for the 31th time. The international jury selected 20 collections for the final fashion show: Andreas Kübar „Restitutio“ Annika Kiidron „It’s A Trap?“ Barbara Vasileva „Hidden tradition“ (Venemaa) Cärol Ott „KÕIK ON TROIS!“ Dita Enikova „Territory“ (Läti) Getter Tiivits „STARGAZER“ Karola Kaugema „Khrushchyovka“ Katrin Aasmaa „VELTA“ Kerttu ...
ERKI Fashion Show retrospective exhibition “1982-2017”

ERKI Fashion Show retrospective exhibition “1982-2017”

On 5 May, the first retrospective exhibition on the history of the ERKI Fashion Show will open in the Tallinn Department Store’s display cases lining Estonia pst. The exhibition presents the most fascinating part of the items that have graced the runway over the last 30 years. A TV screen displays 24 hours’ worth of unforgettable footage. The exhibition design team include EAA students ...

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Team Contact

Karin Kiigemägi
Project Manager

EKA Disainiteaduskond
Põhja Puiestee 7

Main Organizer
Cristopher Rogotovski

General Organizers
Greete-Liis Põder
Marit Oja
Polina Zahharenkova
Skaidrite Mäesalu
Hannabel Saareli
Eliisabet Valmas
Arle Kivisaar
Iris Remsel

Eliisabet Valmas
Rebecca Peets
Merilyn Lempu
Helen Jõgi

Sponsor Relations
Jana Mätas
Iris Remsel
Johanna Põldemaa
Laura Okas

Graphic Design
Anu Kadri Uustalu
Valerija Kozlova
Dina Aller

Stage Team
Elisa Maria Kivimägi
Daana Loreen Kägra
Sofia Fattahhova
Triinu Paabut
Kätlin Loomets
Estookin Andreen (Milla-Mona)
Alvin Kanarbik

Backstage Team
Merili Põllu
Arle Kivisaar
Merili Pappel
Maria Laving
Kairit Raudla

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