Admission for war refugees – MA programmes

MA-level studies in Estonian Academy of Arts are either in English or in Estonian. However, the submission period for  2022/2023 academic year has ended and we are not able to provide additional study spots.. For English MA programmes submission period was prolonged for Ukrainian citizens till May 1st, 2022. The submission period for Estonian curricula ended in July, 2022. The prerequisite for successful application in Estonian MA curriculum is proficiency in Estonian at B2 level (certified by an Estonian language exam).

Admission for war refugees – BA programmes

BA-level studies in Estonian Academy of Arts are fully in Estonian. The submission period ended in July, 2022, and the prerequisite for successful application was proficiency in Estonian at B2 level (certified by an Estonian language exam). Estonian Academy of Arts has one curriculum in Russian (media graphics). However, the additional admission was closed 2 years ago, and in the academic year 2022-2023 the final year of studies is carried out (BA 4th year).

Support measures for students from Ukraine

EKA’s community decided to support Ukrainian students on February 22. On February 25 we opened up free mover seats to students in Ukraine and quickly got private donors to help us pay for the accommodation. On March 1 we also decided to open a trust fund to help our Ukrainian students pay for everyday costs.  As a result of the first application period 19 students from Ukraine continued their studies in spring term 2022  in EKA’s four faculties of Fine Arts, Design, Architecture, and Art Culture.  With the help of private donors EKA has been able to guarantee 
  • Free accommodation till the end of August 2022
  • Free meals in our student cafeteria till the end of May 2022
  • Initial one-time study grant 
  • Free study spot
  • Need based assistance with basic necessities and additional food. 
As a result of successful advocacy in several networks EKA was able to provide for our Ukrainian free mover students regular scholarship for the period May – August 2022 from the resources of Nordplus Network.  In addition we have offered for these 19 students to continue as Erasmus+ exchange students (guaranteeing Erasmus scholarship) in the academic year 2022/2023. We also open intensive Estonian language courses for students since next academic year.

How to support Ukrainian students studying at Estonian Academy of Arts?

We invite you to support Ukrainian students at EKA through the scholarship fund created for this purpose. SUPPORT HERE Details for international payments:
  • Beneficiary: Eesti Kunstiakadeemia Sihtasutus
  • Bank: SEB Pank. Address: Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn
  • IBAN: EE941010220219558223