Currently, the 1200 students enrolled at the Estonian Academy of Arts are taught by 83 professors, associate professors, teachers and lecturers. Additionally, 38 workshop managers are on hand to assist students. The Estonian Academy of Arts prides itself on their small student to professor ratio, which allows personal and one-on-one attention for the instructor and learner. Studies take place in small groups of carefully selected students.

Many of the students participate in exchange programmes at partner international universities during their studies. The EKA cooperates with almost 100 universities abroad and belongs to several international higher education networks. Annually, students are recognised in international competitions.

The EKA is an active partner in the Nordic/Baltic area, cooperating with the best design schools in the area through Nordic collaboration networks CIRRUS and KUNO. The cooperation involves student workshops, student and teacher exchange, summer schools, cooperation with companies and intensive courses. Each year the EKA has welcomed students from Nordic partner schools to our summer academy courses.

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