Nebula Testing – the last event in MIMStudio

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Just before MIMStudio goes into hibernation, the space will be taken over by students from EKA and EMTA.
Doors open at 19.30 and the first performance will take place at 20.30.

Five students from EAA New Media department have composed audiovisual performances. There will be music, light show, video works and kinetic tricks.

EMTA students feature their first experiments with drone synthesizers and step sequencer instruments, outfitted with contact and magnetic microphones. All crafted under the guidance of Ekke Västrik.

Peter Bajetta, Michael Fowler, Sébastien Grenat, Paul Klooren, Madis Kurss, Eugen Linde, Edgar Pacheca Ruiz, Gerta Raidma, Astra Susi, Aap Kaur Suvi, Ave Vellesalu, Helen Västrik

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Posted by Fidelia Regina Randmäe