Zane Shumeiko, MA1, Free experimentation with materials & kitchen tools (for art, design, creative making and experimenting)

Idea is to create a creative workshop about material and kitchen tool experimentation in VIVISTOP where each child is invited to participate, share and develop ideas while using kitchen tools in an unusual way. 

Why kitchen tools? Because these are suitable for art, design, creative making and experimenting. Kitchen tools (from wood, plastic, metal, silicon) can have a very multiuse approach. They can be used for making textures, rolling, blending, imprinting, smashing, cutting, drawing, forming, shaping, extracting and other. 

From what? Using simple materials from home or outside like sand, water, flour, salt, different grains, colour and others would be encouraged.

For example, from simple ingredients like lemon juice, sugar, syrup, agar it is possible to make some edible materials. 

The aim is to develop children’s creativity and let them explore, discover and learn themselves with adults as supportive and inspirational figures. 

Learning through plural sensorial tactile experience is the main goal of the project. 


Supervisors Eva Liisa Kubinyi ja Vera Naydenova. 


Projekti autor:
Zane Shumeiko, MA1

Zane Shumeiko photo_process_5
Zane Shumeiko photo_process_4
Zane Shumeiko photo_process_1
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