Cristopher Siniväli and Ave Eiland at ARS Showroom

ARS Showroomi galerii, Tallinn

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ARS Showroom gallery 5.01 – 31.01.2023 (Mon–Fri 12–18) 
Exhibition opening on January 5, 6 pm 
“quiet STILL” – a symbiotic exhibition about recent thoughts and longings of two Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) ceramic department students (MA).
Cristopher Siniväli is a master’s student in the EKA Ceramics Department and an artist who did his bachelor’s in the EKA Graphic Design department in 2021. The set of works called “anomaly of solitude” in the exhibition consists of hundreds of hand-thrown parts. Choral-like works talk about the experience of loneliness that every person has felt in this world and make the visitor think about the feeling in the presence of the works. It is not an anomaly, but normality to withdraw, to be in proud solitude, and when the time is right, to get out of this feeling.
Ave Eiland is a master’s student in the EKA Ceramics Department, having previously graduated from the same specialty with a bachelor’s degree in 2020. Exhibition works made of porcelain mark small joys and pleasures that help make life sweeter.
We thank the EKA Ceramics Department
The opening of the exhibition is supported by Hartwall
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Posted by Andres Lõo