Transform4Europe (The European University for Knowledge Entrepreneurs) is a partnership of seven like-minded universities under the European Universities Initiative.

The goal of the project is convenient mobility. Whether it’s an easy way for students to take subjects from another university, a good opportunity to visit the university or do activities together with students from other universities. University staff and academics can gather and share knowledge and resources to promote their development.

Universities at Transform4Europe alliance:

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European Universities’ Initiative is funded by the European Commission. This unique project brings together 44 educational alliances that work together on the idea and the basis for the future of European education. The vision is based on European values and identity, aiming to increase the competitiveness of European education.

Factsheet on the initiative.





Project Manager Piret-Klea Velleste, T4Europe@artun.ee



Eerika Niemi (Cultural Heritage and Conservation, MA) and
Mikael Kelomees (Arts Science and Visual Culture (BA).


Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Registration for BA level courses at Transform4Europe universities begins

A big part of the Transform4Europe cooperation is smooth mobility and opening subjects for our alliance students. This alliance is creating a joint European study offer to equip students with the tools necessary to tackle challenges in the ...


Transform4Europe Week took place in Poland, Silesia from the 9th-13th of May. Seven Universities were represented and we visited the 3 important cities in the region: Katowice, Cieszyn and Kraków. ...

STUDENT: Join the Student Council in the Transform4Europe project

EKA is part of the Transform4Europe alliance which is a new partnership composed of like-minded universities. We are shaping the future of European universities, making mobility more convenient.

EKA hosted vice rectors and institutional coordinators of Transform4Europe European Universities alliance

Between February 9-11, 2022 EKA's vice rectors Anne Pikkov and Anu Allas hosted Transform4Europe consortium vice rector to discuss the state of affairs of the alliance and plan future steps. It was the first time after the ...