NB! Library is closed for readers from 13.03.2020 until further notice!

Since 17.03.2020 EAA students and contract staff can borrow from the library on the following terms.

Please contact us by email: library@artun.ee or by calling +372 626334 on Monday–Friday 10am–4pm. Ordered books will be available on the next business day (if the order arrives after 3pm, then the day after).

The library is not working on Good Friday, 10.04.2020.

Students receive their borrowings from EAA building by ringing the doorbell, announcing their wish to get their books and their name, and the guard brings the packed books to the door.

NB! Hours for picking up the loans – Mon–Fri 10am–5pm. Outside these hours and on weekends, there is no dispensing activity.

Contract staff (personalized keycard holders with guaranteed access to the EAA building) will receive their orders from the front desk as well as by named packages.

The requirement is that the reader can hold up to 10 copies, so each loan should be well considered and, if necessary, consult the library in advance to find the best and most relevant selection of literature.

The due date for the borrowed books is 04.05.2020. All valid borrowings are renewed for the same term with effect from 01.03.2020. Late fines shall also be suspended during this period for the remaining time.

Books will not be returned to the library during this period.

The library asks for understanding if there is a problem with the smooth start-up of the loan system.

Library e-resources are still available (please contact the library for access to the licensed databases EBSCO Art & Architecture Complete and eBook Academic Collection).

The library will also assist with scans from books-magazines and other possible digital materials (e.g. articles from databases), helps to find sources for study or research purposes, etc.

It is possible to order printouts and copies. A remark about using the service and the sum of payment will be entered into the library system for each reader, and it is obligatory to pay it as soon as the library is again opened to the readers.

NB! The same hours apply for picking up the printouts and copies from the EAA building as for the books – Mon–Fri 10am–5pm. Outside these hours and on weekends, there is no dispensing activity.

Please send all requests: library@artun.ee

Let’s stay healthy and see you soon at the library!


The library is a specialized university library. We acquire reference books, scientific literature and textbooks. The areas of activity include art, architecture, design, media art, art history, art criticism, cultural heritage, restoration, semiotics, culture, theatre, photo and cinema art, and the history of religion.
The library is located on the ground floor of the D building of the Academy. The materials are located on open shelves.
Our students, faculty members, employees, graduates, art teachers, students at other schools of higher education and other people interested in art can register as readers.




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NB! Library is closed for readers from 13.03.2020 until further notice!

Mon- Fri 10am – 6pm

Sat            11am – 3pm

Closed on Sundays

Closed on the last Friday of the month!

Closed on Christmas



Põhja pst 7
10412 Tallinn

+372 626 7334 loan desk

+372 626 7340 head of library Mait Väljas
+372 626 7367 bibliographers

+372 626 7362 managing specialist



Established in 1914

Registered users : 5905

Size of collections: 86869

Printed matter: 84178 ( 2510 manuscripts)

AV materials; 2691

Research library status from 2005

Member of Estonian Association of Art Libraries and ELNET Consortium