EKA Research Cafe: How does culture affect the perception and design of textures?

Helen Grass. Taiga
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January 22 at 18.00-20.00
EKA room 501

We are excited to welcome Kenza Drancourt (industrial designer) and Theo Mahut (PhD, in product design, innovation and development) from GOODMOOD Laboratory for a talk and discussion on the role culture plays in perception and design of textures. Julia Valle-Norohna, design researcher and Assistant Professor in Fashion (EKA), will lead the discussion.

The event is free and open to everyone!

Please register until January 20, so we can better plan the event.

Same texture can be differently perceived depending on cultural experiences. Similarly, a texture can be differently designed depending on cultural references. What is a ‘traditional’ texture, for you? What is a ‘contemporary’ one? Is this texture differently perceived and designed depending on your Spanish, French, or Estonian approach?

GOODMOOD Laboratory will present this research study through the analysis of several workshops conducted in different Design Schools around Europe, including EKA. Both the general process and preliminary results will be shared and discussed. Additionally, this will be an opportunity to discuss how can research be useful for design; what is the future of tactile interactions; or even how to design for affective and cognitive reactions.

Théo Mahut is a Doctor in product design, innovation and development. He is specialized in human/product Interactions. Before getting his PhD from Les Arts et Métiers of Paris, he studied Industrial Design at La Martinière Diderot (Lyon, France).

Kenza Drancourt is an Industrial Designer, specialized in Meanings, Perception and Prospective of Colors & Surfaces. She graduated from Ensci – Les Ateliers (Paris, France), before approaching a Research & design way of working.

Julia Valle-Norohna is the Associate Professor in Fashion at EKA and doctoral candidate in Design at Aalto University. She holds an MA in visual arts and a professional background in fashion design. As a designer–researcher, her work explores wearer–worn relationships and alternative approaches to commercial fashion via practice-based inquiries.

The event is funded by European Union Regional Fund.


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Maria Jäärats
Research and Development Department

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