“Mordere manus” Group Exhibition at Ülase 12

Sotsiaalkeskus, Ülase 12, Tallinn

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On Monday, May 27 at 12 am a group exhibition “Mordere manus”, will open at the Ülase 12 Social Center.

“Mordere manus” means to bite both the hand that feeds you and your own hand in order to silence oneself. Critical thinking primarily reflects the ability to identify and deconstruct power dynamics in the surrounding world. Asserting oneself in that world is akin to the question: “You’ve seen yourself as part of a system; what do you do with this knowledge?”

The artists involved in the project find themselves in positions where these same questions have become unavoidable, whether they are opposing societal power structures or the hierarchies present in their own bodies.

The exhibition takes place at the Ülase 12 Social Center . A space that has always served as a platform for all those who have dared to think differently.


On Thursday, May 30, at 5.30 pm, the exhibition will close with a grand finissage with performances by the participating artists.


Participating artists: Katariina Kesküla, KitKit Para, Merilin Põldsam, Mihhail Boitsov, Vitor Pascale
Curator: Kaur Järve
Special thanks: Ülase team, Anders Härm and Margit Säde

Exhibition will be open until May 30, Mon-Thr 12-5pm
Ülase 12 Social Center, Ülase 12, Tallinn


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Posted by Andres Lõo