NART exhibition: “Narva Väike Valgus”

NART exhibition: "Narva Väike Valgus"
Narva kunstiresidentuur (NART)

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Narva Art Residency (NART) in cooperation with MTÜ Valgusklubi brings light installations to the Kreenholm district of Narva. The exhibition is located in the immediate vicinity of NART and contains five large-scale works. “Narva Väike Valgus” changes the mood and landscape of the Kreenholm area and gives it a new look. The exhibition runs from the beginning of February to the end of March and is equipped with video surveillance.

The open-air exhibition features works by Estonian artists and students of the Estonian Academy of Arts: “Peal(t)kiri” (Elo Liiv, Alyona Movko, Taavi Suisalu), “Mis on siin, see on seal” (Elo Liiv), “Galerii maht on täis” (Anna-Maria Vaino, Aivar Vaino), “Latern”
(Janne Lias), “Klaaspilt” (Inessa Saarits, Raahel Rüütel, Sandra Ernits, Kadri Joala).

“Väike Valgus” is format of miniature exhibition of light installations created by MTÜ Valgusklubi. It offers the opportunity to take part in the art of light for different parts of Estonia and enriches the public space for local people in the dark time of the year. The main artist of the exhibition is Elo Liiv, who also was part of the team of the Tartu light festival TAVA.

Elo Liiv: “It is small but at the same time a lovely light event that fits nicely with the scape around NART. Light is magical and always brings joy to people’s eyes and hearts – which is very much needed by all of us in these difficult times. Narva is still terra incognita for me, but I am fascinated by the Art Residency and the kindness of the people here. I hope that our architectural lighting workshops will inspire the creation of the NART permanent lighting scheme and that “Väike Valgus” will be the beginning of the larger light festival in Narva. ”

As part of the project, lighting designers Marko Kuusik and Janno Siil conducted a master class in architectural lighting at the end of December, with the participation of local people. The art residency now stands out against the background of the surrounding buildings – the intriguing lighting scheme has made it possible to emphasize the architecture of the building and give a much-needed visual accent in the urban area.

The exhibition is open from Wednesday evening 02.02.2022. Another workshop took place on that day with the clients of Narva Social Work Center. They learned to draw with light and capture it in photos.

Thanks to: Eesti Kultuurkapital, MTÜ Valgusklubi, EVDA, OÜ Event Center, OÜ Kunst ja Pärimus.

Pictures of the workshops and lighting installations are HERE.

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