Rundum: Kristin Reiman idle time disquiet

Rundum prooviruum, Pärnu mnt 154

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Rundum Prooviruum: Kristin Reiman
idle time disquiet
12.01-17.01.2016, Rundum artist-run space, Pärnu mnt. 154
On Tuesday, 12 January at 18:00 Kristin Reiman will open her exhibition idle time disquiet at Rundum artist-run space (Pärnu mnt. 154). Artist talk will follow at 18:30.
“Only I didn’t know that the constant mild unease was boredom. /…/ We were all thoroughly numbed by boredom. There was nothing we could do to escape it, with its uninterrupted droning and flickering.”
– Marlen Haushofer “The Wall”
Idle time is the time associated with waiting, or when something is not being used while it could be. The amount of free time could be used for anything, yet the potential is so vast it generates anxiousness and every possibility seems distant. One ends up doing nothing and falling into boredom. The boredom, however, is a nervous boredom: pacing, loitering, fidgeting, passing time just to pass time, pointless movements and the repetition of them, waiting for something to start while not aware of what it is, feeling unsatisfied and not knowing what to do. The momentum of movement is kept in order to occupy oneself and hide the uneasiness of the lack of purpose. When still, every small movement, like the flickering of lights or humming of electricity, becomes induced, driving one disquiet to escape it.
Kristin Reiman (1992) is studying in the Installation and Sculpture department of the Estonian Academy of Arts, has been on exchange studies in Antwerpen Royal Academy of Arts and completed a traineeship in the Estonian Pavilion in the 56th Venice Biennale. Since 2012, Reiman has actively exhibited her work in Estonia and abroad, including Lithuania and Belgium.
Exhibition will stay open til 17. January
Opening hours: every day 13:00 – 18:00
Address: Pärnu mnt 154
Rundum is supported by the Estonian Ministry of Culture
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