Siim Karro “Human. Flaw” at EKA Gallery 15.01.–9.02.2019

EKA Galerii

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During the process of arranging the environment, us, humans have become increasingly detached from the natural. The act of ordering ambiguous and wild is an attempt at controlling it. Enhancing the misconception of our positioning in the environment. Speed and the intensity are gradually overloading the senses, making it harder to perceive the layers of an environment in depth. Superficiality reigns. Images drained from the richness of the real set the parameters of perceptible. Downgrading the actual human ability and potential.

Sound design made in collaboration with Robert Nikolajev.

Siim Karro is a master’s student in the Interior Architecture department of EAA. He has complemented his studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. In addition to spatial design, Siim is also active in the field of sound and music. In his previous shows, “OXIT” (2017) and “On Olemas” (2018) Siim dealt with human essence and being in the contemporary environment.

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Posted by Pire Sova