Health and Well-being

Transforming healthcare systems, (clinical) processes, and behavioral models with the aim of supporting health literacy and consent, as well as empowering patients to take more responsibility for their health.

Completed projects:

Innovation in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector, consuming a larger amount of resources and generating various types of waste, has itself become a public health concern, especially with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Using the example of the disposal of single-use face masks and rapid tests, the international course focused on how the healthcare sector could implement some of the most basic measures, such as introducing sustainable waste reduction and management strategies, to become greener and more environmentally sustainable.

Head of Development: Daniel Kotsjuba
Team Members of the Development: Karolina Lehtma, Jörn Frenzel
Collaboration Partner: North Estonia Medical Centre
Project period: 2022-2023
Funding: NPHE-10066-2022

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Empowering Patients and Comprehensive Treatment Paths in the Estonian Healthcare System, Based by Orthopedics and Cancer Screening

Empowering patients and designing comprehensive treatment paths for them are seen as a way to reach a qualitatively new level in healthcare. The aim of this project was to collaborate with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund as the national health insurance provider to create patient-centered, comprehensive, and effective treatment paths, including prevention and treatment continuity for chronic diseases, illustrated by orthopedics and cancer screening. The goal of empowering patients is to support their better independent coping, better understanding of their body and its needs, understanding of their health condition, and taking responsibility for it. The broader aim of the project was to increase the design capability in Estonian healthcare institutions and overall development towards a patient-centered healthcare system.

Head of research: Ruth-Helene Melioranski

Project period: 2021-2022

Funding: Estonian Health Insurance Fund 



EKA and Health Insurance Fund joint project – providing service design services in the development of a comprehensive and human-centered treatment journey for individuals in need of endoprosthetics

Rendering service design services to the Estonian Health Insurance Fund in the development of a comprehensive and human-centered treatment journey for individuals in need of endoprosthetics.

Head of Development: Ruth-Helene Melioranski

 Team Members of the Development:Maarja Mõtus

Project period: 2021-2022

Funding: Estonian Health Insurance Fund

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Service Design in the Healthcare Sector

Service design in the healthcare sector was a two-year joint initiative between universities and healthcare institutions in Estonia, Finland, and Sweden, which helped identify and co-design solutions to challenges faced by hospitals.

The Estonian Academy of Arts, in collaboration with the Estonian Connected Health Cluster, North Estonia Medical Centre, and project partners from Finland and Sweden, organized a one-day seminar to share experiences in developing and implementing solutions for improving health and social care delivery. The seminar was followed by reverse pitching sessions where Lapland Central Hospital, North Estonia Medical Centre, and Sahlgrenska University Hospital presented their problem descriptions to designers. Service design as co-creation then addressed hospitals’ challenges through one-week design sprint iterations conducted in 2019 in Estonia, Finland, and Sweden. This service design process not only addresses the improvement of existing healthcare services but also shapes service innovation and long-term strategic change within the Nordic-Baltic region’s National Healthcare Systems.

Head of Development: Maarja Mõtus

 Team Members of the Development : Ruth-Helene Melioranski, Tanel Kärp, Riina Raudne

Collaboration Partners:

North Estonia Medical Centre, Estonian Health Insurance Fund, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, Connected Health technology cluster, Government Office Innovation Team, Ministry of Social Affairs, Apotheka, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi
Lapland Central Hospital, HDK-Valand at the University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Gothenburg
Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Oslo School of Architecture and Design AHO

Project period: 2018-2020

Funding: Nordplus, ASTRA Archimedes-Creative Arrow (Action 7), EKA Research Fund (Action 4), Mobilitas Pluss, Estonian Health Insurance Fund

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