Virtual Reality Lab


The main research area of the VR Lab is experience-oriented interaction. We use biometric sensors to measure the effect of space on the user’s activity-passivity and positivity-negativity levels. We detect patterns in the reactions evoked by spatial stimuli. We make spatial parameters respond interactively to emotional feedback. The main output of the research is prototypes of interactive spaces programmed to change their parameters real-time in order to stimulate users’ emotional states. The amplitudes and the adaption logics of such emotion-based interaction are defined by the designer or the architect, while in real time the space is controlled by the user. Bringing together emotion detection and virtual reality techniques, we can test experience-charged spaces that recognize its inhabitants’ reactions and adapt accordingly. The virtual reality lab gives students valuable knowhow about the principles of experience-oriented interaction design.

Head of development area: Johanna Jõekalda

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Posted by Kris Haamer