EET/GMT+2 at Vent Space

Vent Space projektiruum, Vabaduse väljak 6/8

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EET/GMT+2 is a reflection on the Israel-Palestine conflict from Estonia.

The artworks featured represent the dual relations of artists and students as both insiders and outsiders to Estonian society and as insiders and outsiders to the Israeli Palestine conflict.

Navigating through the themes of war, identity, migration, local laws and the Estonian media landscape, this exhibition attempts to raise our collective political as well as social awareness.

We open up Vent Space as a space for learning, empathy, and discussion in order to lay the groundwork for building solidarity.


Augustas Lapinskas
Community in EKA for Palestine
Ditiya Ferdous
Fatima-Ezzahra El Khammas
Karolis Lasys
Kush Badhwar
Lara Brener
Martha Liise Kapsta
Nabeel Imtiaz
Noah Morrison
Rok Ifko
Rose Magee
Ryan Galer
Shubham Aggarwal

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Posted by Andres Lõo

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