Exhibition “12 Paths”

RMK peakontor, Toompuiestee 24, Tallinn

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The EKA Interior Architecture Department is happy to announce that on 18 June at 4 pm, we’ll be opening an exhibition at the headquarters of the Estonian Forest Management Centre RMK (Toompuiestee 24, Tallinn), giving the wider public a chance to see the project our 1st year Bachelor’s programme students have been working on since September 2017.

The task given to the students was to re-think a campingsite at Nikerjärve, Aegviidu – this is the fourth project in a line of our co-operation projects with the RMK, looking into how contemporary, context-driven spatial design could improve the forest infrastructure for hikers and wanderers of all types. The exhibition will showcase 12 ideas for the area from 12 students, with scaled models and explanations. Of the 12, three concepts were selected earlier in spring and developed as teamwork – and of those three, one has been selected to be worked on further with the whole team, and to be built by August 2018, when the area will open for users in its new shape and form.

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Posted by Triin Männik

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