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On Thursday, October 10, Jose Aldemar Muñoz will open his solo exhibition “Alchemy” at Vent Space project space at 7 pm. The exhibition will be open until October 13, every day 2–6 pm.

“I am interested in connecting alchemy and the body through the concept of transmutation of matter, soul and spirit. As an expression of the laboratory, I instinctively selected materials to experiment with, such as paper, wool, gold and silver paint, inks and pieces of metal, in order to describe the interaction between fluids, organs and thoughts inside the living body. Eventually, I found a connection between my research into Alchemy and some of Joseph Beuys’ approaches, whereby he sees life as a creative tool in itself and art as a transforming power which attempts to form the individual and collective consciousness.

The installation weaves together different materials, feelings and thoughts: the felting becomes the basis of my research, almost like a trace of the philosopher’s stone which makes me think of the body going beyond its own limits and becoming gold.”

Aldemar Muñoz is an artist from Bogota, Colombia. He graduated in 2013 from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano’s University and he is currently doing a Master’s degree in Contemporary Art at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Throughout his career, the body has been his subject of analysis. He is interested in researching the invisible realities around the body through understanding how organs, fluids, emotions and feelings respond in daily life.

So far, the results have been a series of drawings, objects, videos and performances on the subject of the body which have been exhibited in Colombia, Argentina and Japan.

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