Kristiina Uslar in National Glass Centre Glass Prize Exhibition

Kristiina Uslar's "Knot". Foto by Jaan Heinmaa
National Glass Centre Glass Prize, Sunderland, Inglismaa

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Glass artist, Kristiina Uslar, associate professor at EKA glass department, is participating in the National Glass Center Glass Prize. 

From 16 October 2021 to 13 March 2022, the Glass Prize, an exhibition organized by the International Glass Center (NGC), will take place in Sunderland, England.

The exhibition will feature 40 artists selected by a jury of Sandra Blach (Glasmuseet Ebeltoft), Reino Liefkes (Victoria and Albert Museum) ja Julia Stephenson (National Glass Center). 

NGC Glass Prize is a European glass prize delivered by the National Glass Centre which features the work of over 40 artists who work in Europe. The selected artworks on display were selected by a panel of judges including Sandra Blach, from Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Reino Liefkes, from the Victoria and Albert Museum and Julia Stephenson from National Glass Centre. Supported by the Weston Culture Fund, the exhibition includes work by artists from England, Scotland, Wales, France, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Romania, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic, Estonia and Belgium. It showcases techniques and approaches including using found and mixed media, casting, hot glass, kiln forming, engraving, neon, pâte de verre, and video. The exhibition includes artists working at all career stages from internationally acknowledged masters to relative newcomers.

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