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We invite everyone to the Narva Art Residency’s third open lecture that takes place next Thursday.

In autumn of 2023, international artists from the Narva Art Residency give three lectures at the Estonian Academy of Arts. The last lecture will be by two artists:

Elke Renate Steiner is a comics creator living and working in Berlin, Germany. She is creating comics and illustrations, drawing live at events and process documentations for communities. In Narva she will have workshops for adults with the aim of translating their experiences into comics.

Uwe Lützen is a swiss screenwriter based in Zurich and Berlin. During his residency he created a performance “28 questions (no answers needed)” about home, places, and identity.

They will talk about the practicalities of being a professional artist, what the daily life of an art residency is like, and how to get involved in the opportunities offered to artists. Of course, they will also introduce their own creative work.

The lecture is free of charge and open to all! It will be held in English.

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Posted by Andres Lõo

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