Art Education

The art teacher speciality is meant for those who wish to give meaning to artistic processes and interpret them for various target groups. It is also meant for those who, in addition to their personal creative activities, want to dedicate themselves to deepening the understanding of art and increasing its impact on society.
Our goal is to reduce the gap between the doings on the actual art field and that which is offered in general and hobby education. This means that the same questions and approaches should be important in art education that are current in the contemporary art world, where the multitude of worldviews, positions and media is just as important as the manual mastery. Most important is to understand the language of art and perceive art as a partner in open dialogue.

• creates the conditions for the acquisition of an education as an art teacher and the development of professional skills for working as an art teacher in a basic school, upper secondary school or art school, or as an educational specialist at a museum;
• supports the development of a knowledge-based approach to teaching and the development of creatively competent art teachers;
• supports the readiness for continued professional development and further studies in the doctoral programme.