Note that the Bachelor programme is taught in Estonian. The minimum level of Estonian language skills must be B2.

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We expect the applicants for the painting programme to be open, curious about life and art. An interest and an (age-based) familiarity with the art scene (including the habit of visiting exhibitions) is one of the prerequisites for admission. Elementary manual skills, which are expressed in painting, drawing or some other art form, are important. However, the pictures that have been produced to date are not decisive; more important are the talent, abilities and will to express oneself daringly and personally, and to analyse and artistically interpret one’s surroundings. Other beneficial traits include intellectual flexibility, the ability to adapt to change and readiness to collaborate, and the capacity for elementary self-criticism – in other words “intelligent reactive skills”.



The curriculum of Contemporary Art is taught in English. The minimum level of English language skills must be B2.

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