Who are we waiting for?

From those who wish to learn painting, we primarily expect openness, curiosity about the surrounding life and art – interest and (age-appropriate) familiarity with art life (including the habit of visiting art exhibitions) is one of the prerequisites for successful study. Basic manual skills are important, which are manifested in painting, but also in drawing, etc. in form. However, the pictures taken so far are not decisive, rather the abilities, assumptions and will to express oneself boldly and personally, to analyze and artistically interpret the surroundings are useful. Mental flexibility, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and the willingness to cooperate, the ability for basic self-criticism are also useful – that is, in short, the ability to react intelligently.

Admissions to the Fine Arts curriculum take place jointly. The first semester takes place in co-study with the sculpture-installation and graphic art specialities. During the first semester, students learn about all three specialities and undergo an introductory course. At the end of the first semester, students can choose between three specialities and begin studies in their chosen area. The way studies are organized allows electives to be taken across the specialities so that students can also enroll in courses in other fields


01.02.– 27.06.2024 applications are accepted at SAIS  until 23:59

On June 17, 26 and 27, 2024, applications will be accepted on site from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Põhja pst 7-D206

Additional questions must be answered at SAIS when applying for the BA Art curriculum. If you come to submit an application on site, please answer the questions in advance and take the answers with you electronically or send them in advance to the e-mail address

You can find the questions HERE

Interviews will take place from 30.06. to 01.07.2024

07/02/2024 consultation

02.- 05.07.2024 entrance exams will be held on site

at the latest on 05.07.2024, the results of the admission will be announced at SAIS

10.07.2024 deadline for confirmation of coming to study at SAIS