EKA Chair of Painting is where painting has overflowed its boundaries. As Daniel Birnbaum wrote back in 2001: “Painting no longer exists as a strictly circumscribed mode of expression; rather, it is a zone of contagion, constantly branching out and widening its scope”. The rat is a survivor, able to adapt to all sorts of situations, fleeing a sinking ship. The rat lives on, even if painting has been dubbed dead many times over. The rat is like a zombie painter – even if its body is dead, it lives on. Like a DJ mixing tracks, past and present are turned into future. As Korakrit Arunanondchai says in his video Painting with History in a Room Filled with People with Funny Names: “One day when humans no longer exist, rats might take over.”

Painting installation by Carl-Robert Kagge during the Artbaza event at Astangu, 2017
On the left: Kelli Gedvil’s painting installation “Homelike Saturation”, 2017. On the right: Mihkel Ilus’s “Robusto” exhibition view at Draakon gallery, photo by Johannes Säre, 2013

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Lisette Lepik exhibition “Garden of Eve” at gallery Uus Rada

Lisette Lepik’s exhibition ‘’Garden of Eve’’ will be opened at the Uus Rada Gallery on Friday, January 28th at 6 pm. Using the motif of the flower the exhibition presents an ongoing series of oil paintings by Lisette reflecting on the experience of the menstrual cycle; menstrual pains and the choices women make regarding their own birth control choices. The exhibition space is transformed ...
PYS - Kelli Gedvil CMYK curved bleed 3mm - 11012021 plakat

Kelli Gedvil at the Tartu Art House

On Saturday, 22 January Kelli Gedvil’s  solo exhibition “Purifying Your Skin” will open in the small gallery of the Tartu Art House. The exhibition is curated by Hanna-Liisa Lavonen. The exhibition focuses on the methods by which virtual and physical tools change the look and texture of human skin as a material. The modified skin on advertisements looks soft, smooth and flawless. The ...
Tõnis Saadoja „Oktoober. Roosakashall“. Õli, lõuend. 2021. 195 x 150 cm

Tõnis Saadoja “September, October, …” in the WIELS Project Room

Tõnis Saadoja’s exhibition “September, October, … ” opens in the WIELS Project Room, Brussels. The exhibition opening takes place on December 1 at 18. In the painting series “September, October, …” the artist’s focus lies equally on two aspects – how to portray an unfunctional environment and how to paint a picture that is primarily about painting? “I’m interested in the poetic dimension of ...
Jaan Toomiku isiknäitus A Theatre of Gestures

Professor Jaan Toomik’s solo exhibition A Theatre of Gestures at Mukusala Art Salon, Riga, Latvia

Maaliosakonna professori Jaan Toomiku isiknäitus A Theatre of Gestures, kuraator Andris Brinkmanis The Mukusala Art Salon Riia, Läti 15.02.18-12.04.18 Jaan Toomik, one of the most renowned Estonian artists in the world, makes his return to Riga after a 10-year-long absence. His second major solo exhibition “Theatre of Gestures”, curated by Andris Brinkmanis, opens its doors to the public on ...

Assistant of the EKA painting department Mihkel Ilus performing at the Kiasma Theathre, Finland

A performative installation dominated by the frontal collision of black and white magic. The performance is inspired by Kiasma Theatre’s space and celebrates Kiasma’s 20th anniversary. Fri April 6 at 7pm Sat  April 7 at 4pm – meet the artists after the performance Caprices III is a performative installation dominated by the frontal collision of black and white magic. Light freezes into ...

The first year master students of painting department in Estonian Academy of Arts invite you to their end of semester exhibition

It takes place on the 29th of November in the second tunnel of the historical ammunition storage in Astangu and lasts for only one night! The exhibited works are site-specific and deal with the problematics related to the location. What kind of meaning does a former ammunition storage with its non-functional existence possess regarding the city? What symbols does it hold, what ...

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