Eva Näripea


Eva Näripea is a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Art History and Visual Culture. Her research interests include Estonian and Eastern European film; genre, auteur and experimental cinema; cinematic space and critical theory. She received her PhD from the Estonian Academy of Arts (Estonian Cinescapes: Spaces, Places and Sites in Soviet Estonian Cinema (and Beyond), 2011). She has edited several anthologies of articles (Via Transversa: Lost Cinema of the Former Eastern Bloc, 2008, with Andreas Trossek; Postcolonial Approaches to Eastern European Cinema: Portraying Neighbours on Screen, 2014, with Ewa Mazierska and Lars Kristensen) and special issues of journals (Kinokultura: New Russian Cinema [2010, with Ewa Mazierska and Mari Laaniste], Kunstiteaduslikke Uurimusi [2011] and Studies in Eastern European Cinema [2015, 2017]), and was the founding co-editor of Baltic Screen Media Review (2013–2018). She has published over 30 research articles, and translated several books on film, architecture and visual culture. She teaches various classes on film studies.


Senior Researcher