Tõnis Saadoja

Tõnis Saadoja (1980) is a painter who mainly deals with image analysis and technical searches in the areas of realistic painting language. His works are characterized by a conceptual structure and the search for a thematically distinctive form for images. Mostly, Saadoja’s creations consist of complete series, in which the chosen motif varies up to several dozens of pictures. Often using a photo as the starting point of his work, the artist who started to become photorealistic moves increasingly from paintings to more open territory. As a circle of main themes, his works touch on memory, architecture and landscape motifs, which occasionally intertwine with silent compositions. Since 2020, Tõnis Saadoja has been the head of the Department of Drawing at the Faculty of Fine Arts.


Selected solo exhibitions

2023 “Height above sea level”, Kumu Art Museum.

2023 “The landscape runs through the house” (with Paul Kuimet), Tartu Art Museum

2022 “September, October, March, April…” Tartu Art House

2021 “September, October….” Wiels Project Room, Brussels

2019 “Paper City. Envelope in the sky”, Draakon gallery, Tallinn

2018 “Arrival from the Paper City” Hobusepea gallery, Tallinn

2018 “Studio”, Tallinn Art Hall gallery, Tallinn

Selected group exhibitions

2023 “Archaeologists of memory. Vitols Contemporary Art Collection”, Kumu Art Museum

2021 “Art in the comfort zone. Nullindad in Estonian art”, Kumu Art Museum

2020 “Be kept and loved”. Tallinn Art Hall

2019 “Open collections: The Artist Takes the Floor”. Kumu Art Museum.

2019 “Publisher: Lugemik. Prints from 2010-2019”. Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn

Head of Drawing Studio, Associate Professor