Publishing Principles

Publishing principles in Estonian Academy of Arts

Estonian Academy of Arts Press is a subdivision of Estonian Academy of Arts that is publishing high-level academic and intellectual literature about architecture, design, art culture and fine arts with the objective to transmit relevant knowledge about art; to sustain and intensify the Estonian art culture; to support the studies at the Academy, and raise the quality of Academy’s work in general. EAA Press publishes both original material and translated books.


I General

  • Publishing is one of the library’s activities and it is conducted according to the Academy’s statutes.
  • Publishing is supervised by the Vice-Rector for Research.
  • Publishing is overseen by the publishing committee, which is comprised of  Vice-Rector for Research, Chairman of Research Council, Head of Research and Development Department, faculty representatives, heads of the Library and Communications department and the Publisher
  • Publishing operates under its own budget.

II Publishing Philosophy

The purpose of publishing is to support studies at the Academy and to publicise the following:

  • translations of textbooks, collections and other materials, based on proposals of various departments;
  • original material, i.e. texts commissioned by specialists in a particular field;
  • peer-reviewed research and study literature (monographs, periodicals and serialised publications);
  • textbooks, collections of articles, methodological and other material written/compiled by the faculty members, which also help to promote their academic careers.

III Operations

  • Publishing is based on the “project portfolio”, which is comprised of proposals submitted by faculties/departments. Proposals and projects may also be submitted by specialists outside of the academy.
  • The projects are discussed and approved by the publishing committee.
  • Publishing is organised by the publisher.
  • The publisher reports to the publishing committee at least once a year.
  • The Academy’s logo is included on the covers and title pages of Estonian Academy of Art publications, as well as books published with grants from the Academy.