Circular Design in the Fashion and Textile Industry

Ongoing Projects:

Development of Circular Design and Implementation of Principles of Circular Economy in the Clothing and Textile Industry. Integration of Sustainable Development Goals in Social, Environmental, and Economic Sectors into Design Education

Head of development: Maria Kristiin Peterson

Members of the research and development group: Karin Kiigemägi, Hedi Meigas

Collaboration Partners: Italian Chamber of Commerce in Germany, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona, VDMD – Interior Textile Designer Network in Germany, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Project period: 2024-2027


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Innovative Technologies in Digital Fashion Design / FashionTEX

The aim of the research activity is to create a new, common level of expertise to teach digital fashion art to students in higher education institutions and to supplement curricula with content aimed at a more sustainable future. The fashion industry utilizes digital fashion in all stages of the value chain, from design to sales, with technologies evolving rapidly. Needs analysis shows that education in digital fashion in European fashion schools often lags behind what the industry already applies. In addition, schools have very different stages in teaching: some already teach digital solutions at an advanced level, while others are just starting to teach digital fashion.

Head of development: Piret Puppart

Members of the research and development group: Kristiina Nurk, Kadi Kibbermann

Project period: 2023-2026

Funding: CREA-CULT-2023-COOP

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Completed Projects:

Fashion as an Agent of Change / Fashion for Change

The aim of the activity was to support SMEs, designers, and start-ups in the fashion sector to become more sustainable and to make their business models based on the principles of the circular economy. Leveraging the project partners’ experience in sustainable fashion, business support, and innovation management, as well as circular economy and fashion, the aim was to accelerate companies’ transition to more sustainable practices in the fashion business. Through tailored support, training, and mentoring, participants were able to integrate circular economy principles into their business models and activities.

Head of development: Reet Aus

Members of the research and development group: Jaana Päeva, Maria Kristiin Peterson, Markus Vihma, Anna-Liisa Laarits

Collaboration Partners: Civitta Estonia AS, MB Katalistos partneriai Lithuania, Ecopreneur Belgium

Project period: 2021-2024

Funding: European Commission, COSME

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Promotion of Fashion Education / Fashion SEEDS

The aim of the activity was to create a framework for promoting fashion design education internationally by integrating the theme of sustainability consistently and evenly across different levels and courses. For this purpose, competencies of different higher education institutions were involved, including curriculum content, teaching and learning practices and methodologies, resources, and learning environments.

Head of development: Piret Puppart

Members of the research and development group: Reet Aus, Maria Kristiin Peterson

Collaboration Partners: University of the Arts London, Kolding, Politecnico de Milano of Piazza Leonardo da Vinci

Project period: 2018-2021

Funding: Erasmus+ 

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