A Coherent, Open and Inclusive Living Environment

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Change Agents – Blueprints for Inter-institutional Collaborations in Social Design

The aim of the project is to bring the academic sector and the ecosystem of non-governmental organizations closer together and create a deeper understanding among these key stakeholders, enabling them to promote collaborative, inclusive, and participatory practices in design and design education, while recognizing existing knowledge from various interest groups, using innovative approaches in social design.

Head of research: Ruth-Helene Melioranski

Research Team Member: Eva Liisa Kubinyi

Project period: 2022-2024

Funding: Erasmus+

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Liveability – Designing public services for resilient neighbourhoods

The Liveability project trains public administration bodies in innovative ways to engage people in creating livable and attractive urban environments that adapt to people’s needs.

Head of research : Ruth-Helene Melioranski

Members of the research and development group: Johanna Holvandus, Jörn Frenzel, Ott Kagovere, Maria Kesküla, Kert Viiart

Project period: 2023-2026

Funding: Interreg BSR

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Completed Projects:

A6033URM1 Preparatory Studies for the Renewal of Tallinn’s Signage System

The project conducted a comprehensive analysis of Tallinn’s existing signage system, which enabled understanding the system’s strengths and weaknesses to find and develop the best solutions. Subsequently, a user study was conducted to understand the needs and expectations of city residents, ensuring that the solutions met their needs.

Throughout the work, city guidelines and recommendations were always considered to ensure that activities were in line with the city’s strategic objectives. The project also strictly adhered to the activity schedule and budget to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

As needed, students, faculty, and other individuals were also involved to provide a diverse and innovative approach and to engage various stakeholders and knowledge.

Head of research: Ruth-Helene Melioranski

Collaboration Partner: Tallinn Strategy Center

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