Technical art history and digital humanities (MUKOLA)


Digitalisation of heritage, developing technical art history as a discipline for the analysis of cultural heritage in Estonia. Research is carried out by the Cultural Heritage Research Centre MUKOLA. Application of technological possibilities of the digital era in art historical research and conservation of artworks (documentation, imaging technologies, instrumental analysis, (art) historical research).

The Rode Altarpiece in Close-Up. History of the altarpiece of the high altar of Tallinn’s St. Nicholas’ Church, technical studies and conservation

Christian Ackermann: Tallinn’s Phidias, Arrogant and Talented

Bernt Notke: The Research and Conservation of the Retable of the Church of the Holy Spirit

Principal investigators: Hilkka Hiiop, Andres Uueni
Research and development staff: Anneli Randla et al.
Financing institutions: Estonian Research Council, Art Museum of Estonia, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, National Heritage Board, Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Estonian Evengelical Lutheran Church, Conservation and Digitisation Centre Kanut etc.

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Posted by Irene Hütsi