Cloe Jancis ja Sigrid Viir : “The Second Act. Found in Translation”

Cloe Jancis ja Sigrid Viir : “The Second Act. Found in Translation”
Tartu Kunstimaja, Vanemuise 26

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On Friday, 7 October at 5 p.m. Cloe Jancis and Sigrid Viir will open their joint exhibition “The Second Act. Found in Translation” in the large gallery of Tartu Art House.
With the help of visual language, the artists in the exhibition depict the everyday absurd situations and analyse social constructions. The common themes are understanding and depiction of people and objects as well as the various personal and social roles of women.
The collaboration between Jancis and Viir is based on a visual exchange of thoughts. They interpreted each other’s ideas and translated each other’s photographs into new images and objects. The only rule of their working process is to use a visual process of translating where words are not used.
Working process: Act I: C takes a photo, S responds with a photo, C and S translate selected 5+5 photos into sculptural objects. Act II (present exhibition): C takes a photo, S responds with a photo, C and S translate 6+6 photos into sculptural objects, C and S translate the 5+5 objects from Act I again into photos.
“The Second Act. Found in Translation” is a follow-up to their previous co-exhibition, “In front of the mirror, on a day full of enthusiasm, you put your mask on too heavily, it bites your skin” (2021, Temnikova & Kasela Gallery).
Cloe Jancis (b 1992) is an artist working in the media of photography, video and installation. She graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a bachelor’s degree in photography (2018) and is currently studying in the master’s programme of the Faculty of Liberal Arts at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Jancis is fascinated by the social image and daily roles of women and the myths and expectations related to these. In recent years, she has focused on objects and rituals associated with femininity.
Sigrid Viir (b 1979) is a photo and installation artist from Tallinn. She has studied cultural theory at the Estonian Institute of Humanities and graduated from the department of photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts. As an artist, Viir is interested in the daily aspects of human existence and the related tangle of social agreements, the borderline between the totality of work and personal time of rest as well as the themes of visual language. Sigrid is one of the three members of the art collective Visible Solutions LLC. She has actively taken part in exhibitions both in Estonia and abroad. She was nominated for the Köler Prize (2011), has participated in Manifesta 9 (2012) with Visible Solutions LLC and has received the Annual Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia twice (2013, 2019).
Texts accompanying the exhibition: Anti Saar and Maris Karjatse.
Graphic design of the exhibition: Anna Kaarma.
Thanks: Treiarei, Johannes Säre, Magav Magma, Aadu Lambot.
The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.
The exhibition is open until 6 November.
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