Photography studies at EKA focus on the teaching of contemporary art using photographic means of expression. The photography curriculum includes both theoretical and practical subjects, in the course of which students master basic photographic techniques and visual literacy – the capability of analysing and making sense of a picture. The history of photography is umbilically tied to art, and thus our programme places significant emphasis on conceptual thinking and displaying of photographs in space as well as how it is related to other art forms – film, sculpture, installation, graphic art and painting.

Like in other creative specialities, our task is to reflect and analyse the global, societal and personal processes in society, recreate an intellectual sphere with a place for diverse, alternative and experimental formats.

We are the only programme in Estonia where one can study photography at the BA and MA level. Within EKA, we are a centre of excellence in camera-based art with an analogue and digital darkroom, photography studio and equipment storage.

The bachelor’s programme in photography provides a good basic education that can be applied in various professions related to photography and (visual) culture – our alumni work in art, education and archival fields, journalism and as architecture, fashion and advertising photographers. Our community is small and cohesive; relationships between students and teachers are collegial. Over our twenty years of activity, we have developed traditions – organizing exhibitions, study trips, and parties.

News and events


Jane Jacobs “Behind the Curtain”

Jane Jacobs “Behind the Curtain” Vitriingalerii, Tallinn, Põhja pst 35 Open September 9 through October 5, 2020 There is a pensioner quietly living “Behind the Curtain”. The data of Statistics Estonia shows that 25.1% of the population are pensioners. Sometimes we visit them behind the curtain; however, we do not live there, where you have to make both ends meet it with very limited ...
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Carl-Robert Kagge “Four- Grain Image” in Vitriingalerii

Carl-Robert Kagge Four-Grain Image Vitriingalerii, Tallinn, Põhja pst 35 14 August 2020 – 7 September 2020 Curator: Lilian Hiob Carl-Robert Kagge’s exhibition “Four-Grain Image” is open from August 14 in Vitriingalerii, the showcase gallery of the Photography Department of Estonian Academy of Arts. Carl-Robert Kagge’s solo exhibition “Four-Grain Image” is a ...
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Eliis Laul’s exhibition ”NIVEA FOTODOSE” is opened from the 16th of July, 2020, in Vitriingalerii, the showcase gallery of the Photography Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts. The title of the exhibition refers to Nivea campaign of the same name currently held in Germany – the legendary Nivea cream can be purchased with the personified appearance and get one’s own ...

Janne Lias “Cat Show” in the Showcase Gallery

/// The exhibition Cat Show is opened in the Showcase Gallery of the Photography Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts from June 16, 2020. The artist Janne Lias explored in her work the Master Al feature added to her smartphone, which analyzes a scene in real-time, recognizes more than 500 objects and offers 19 different photo modes accordingly. A photo-distant person might find the ...
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Laura Kuusk. Dear Algorithm,

As our lives are more and more digitally controlled, our bodies’ relationship to the environment has also changed in profound ways. Laura Kuusk’s solo exhibition “Dear Algorithm,” curated by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, explores the productive tension between our desire to adapt and survive on the one hand, and our resistance to the logic of codes, on the other.  The exhibition will be open ...

Open call of Showcase Gallery!

Call for applications: Showcase Gallery of the Department of Photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts is looking for projects to showcase from April 2020 until October 2020. Current students of the Estonian Academy of Arts are welcome to apply. The application deadline is March 10th, 2020. The Projects will be chosen by jury and the results will be announced on 13th of March. The ...

Students of Photography ask what the mid-twenties pretend to think about?

What the mid-twenties pretend to think about? This Friday 6th of December at 20 the students of Estonian Academy of Arts photography department open the exhibition “Mid-twenties pretend they got it” at Vent Space gallery (Vabaduse väljak 6 back yard). The exhibition is a conclusion of the working period that was marked by searching visual expression to the perception of one’s ...