Sigrid Viir “I’ll Think of a Title When I’ve Had Enough Rest” Installation, 8 x 9 m, audio (text “Infinity on the Beach” by Maarja Kangro), 2019. Photo: Paul Kuimet

Photography studies at EKA focus on the teaching of contemporary art using photographic means of expression.

The photography curriculum includes both theoretical and practical subjects. Students master basic photographic techniques and visual literacy – the capability of analysing and making sense of a picture. The history of photography is umbilically tied to art, and thus our programme places significant emphasis on conceptual thinking and displaying of photographs in space as well as how it is related to other art forms – film, sculpture, installation, graphic art and painting.

Like in other creative specialities, our task is to reflect and analyse the global, societal, and personal processes in society and recreate an intellectual sphere with diverse, alternative and experimental formats.

We are the only programme in Estonia where one can study photography at the BA level. Within EKA, we are a centre of excellence in camera-based art with an analogue and digital darkroom, photography studio and equipment storage.

The bachelor’s programme in photography provides a good basic education that can be applied in various professions related to photography and (visual) culture – our alumni work in art, education and archival fields, journalism, architecture, fashion, and advertising photographers. Our community is small and cohesive; relationships between students and teachers are collegial. Over our twenty years of activity, we have developed traditions – organizing exhibitions, study trips, and parties.

You can follow the Photography Department here:

Facebook: EKA Fotograafia

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News and events


Marge Monko Book Launch at Kai

Please join us for the launch of Flawless, Seamless – a new monograph by Marge Monko – on Friday, September 23 at 6 pm at Kai Art Center in Tallinn. At the launch Marge Monko will premiere her film Window on the Visible World, which is followed by a conversation with Maarin Ektermann. The film and book are in English, discussion is held in Estonian. During the launch the publication will be ...

BA graduation exhibition TASE’22 by the students of department of photography

You are welcome to the BA graduation exhibition of the department of photography of Estonian Academy of Arts in ARS Art Factory (Pärnu Road 154) at 18:00 on May 27th.  This year, a record number of BA students will graduate from the department of photography. Their graduate exhibition presents diverse artist statements and formats – from music videos and staged photographs to charcoal ...
EKA Ukraina tudengite näitus

Will/Воля: EKA Ukraine Student Exhibition

Today, 16 May at 4 pm, EKA Ukrainian students will open their pop-up exhibition Will in the foyer.  The portraits were created in the course led by Tanja Muravskaja and will remain on view for 4 days.
AlinaBirjuk-0017398_small for web

Alina Birjuk “May there be enough bread!”

Estonian sayings “one has to honour bread” or “bread is older than us” refer to the special meaning of bread. Numerous traditions, beliefs, rituals and proverbs are associated to bread. The taste and form of bread has not changed throughout centuries and breakbaking is a very special skill. For me, bread is something that makes me think of my great-grandparents and my roots. I decided to ...

Photography Students Exhibiting in Two Old Town Showcases

First Year Students of the department of Photography exhibit their work in two showcases of Tallinn Old Town One Another Location: Suur-Karja 7, Suur-Karja 10 April 7 – May 19, 2022 One-photo-expositions by the first year students of the department of photography held in two showcases in the Old Town of Tallinn (Suur-Karja Str 7 and 10) serve as a part of the art project course held during ...
Sophie Thun ja Karel Koplimets

Open Artist Talk: Sophie Thun and Karel Koplimets

Artists Sophie Thun and Karel Koplimets will hold an open artist talk at 17:00 on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 in Estonian Academy of Arts, room A-501. Karel Koplimets introduces his artistic practice; Sophie Thun will have a conversation with Marge Monko, professor of the department of photography in EKA. On the same week, Sophie Thun and Karel Koplimets lead masterclasses in the department of ...

Laura Kuusk – How to Move as a Slime Mold?

Laura Kuusk on March 5 – 16 April in Kanal Gallery, Võru. The first solo exhibition of Laura Kuusk in Võru consists of two of her recent works, with which the artist wishes to create a dialogue with people who are interested in food, clothes, technology and who ask questions about the origin and ways of being of the matter in our environment. She also puts the emphasis on the ways of ...
Valgetähe orden Marge Monko Hilkka Hiiop_foto Solveig Jahnke

Order of the White Star to Marge Monko and Hilkka Hiiop

On the eve of the anniversary of the Republic, Estonian artists will be recognized with decorations. Marge Monko, an internationally successful artist and Professor of Photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts, will receive the Order of the White Star; Hilkka Hiiop, Dean of the Faculty of Art Culture of the Estonian Academy of Arts and Professor, who has brought the conservation of ...