Sigrid Viir “I’ll Think of a Title When I’ve Had Enough Rest” Installation, 8 x 9 m, audio (text “Infinity on the Beach” by Maarja Kangro), 2019. Photo: Paul Kuimet

Photography studies at EKA focus on the teaching of contemporary art using photographic means of expression.

The photography curriculum includes both theoretical and practical subjects. Students master basic photographic techniques and visual literacy – the capability of analysing and making sense of a picture. The history of photography is umbilically tied to art, and thus our programme places significant emphasis on conceptual thinking and displaying of photographs in space as well as how it is related to other art forms – film, sculpture, installation, graphic art and painting.

Like in other creative specialities, our task is to reflect and analyse the global, societal, and personal processes in society and recreate an intellectual sphere with diverse, alternative and experimental formats.

We are the only programme in Estonia where one can study photography at the BA level. Within EKA, we are a centre of excellence in camera-based art with an analogue and digital darkroom, photography studio and equipment storage.

The bachelor’s programme in photography provides a good basic education that can be applied in various professions related to photography and (visual) culture – our alumni work in art, education and archival fields, journalism, architecture, fashion, and advertising photographers. Our community is small and cohesive; relationships between students and teachers are collegial. Over our twenty years of activity, we have developed traditions – organizing exhibitions, study trips, and parties.

You can follow the Photography Department here:

Facebook: EKA Fotograafia

Instagram:  eka_fotograafia

News and events


BA graduation exhibition TASE’22 by the students of department of photography

You are welcome to the BA graduation exhibition of the department of photography of Estonian Academy of Arts in ARS Art Factory (Pärnu Road 154) at 18:00 on May 27th.  This year, a record number of BA students will graduate from the department of photography. Their graduate exhibition presents diverse artist statements and formats – from music videos and staged photographs to charcoal ...
EKA Ukraina tudengite näitus

Will/Воля: EKA Ukraine Student Exhibition

Today, 16 May at 4 pm, EKA Ukrainian students will open their pop-up exhibition Will in the foyer.  The portraits were created in the course led by Tanja Muravskaja and will remain on view for 4 days.

Mia Tohver “Jonas & Johannes”

When you think about the phrase “beautiful legs’’, you may first associate it with the idea of something feminine and seductive, which reflections are secretly stored in our minds through advertising culture. What if the stereotypical and restrictive standards would turn into playful self-expression where feminine accessories could easily be worn by anyone, regardless of their gender ...

Ott Kattel “196th Season”

The actors of Lunacharsky Drama Theatre have arrived in Tallinn! Let us introduce: The Christmas Boy, The Knight, Mr. Xavier and The Dog With a Man’s Body. The collage is composed of pictures taken in the 1970s which were found in a former military base.

Sonja Sutt “For Polina Rayko”

Having buried her daughter and husband, 69-year-old Polina Rayko found solace in painting. The walls of her home became her easel. I spent a day in Rayko’s footsteps, covering my kitchen with floor-to-ceiling drawings. I didn’t have a definite plan and found myself, like Rayko, illustrating personal memories.

Saoirse McGarry “Consume”

In this portrait, I embody the absurd hyper-sexualised ‘ideal’ woman portrayed in the media. The inspiration for creating this image came from Gillian Flynn’s novel ‘Gone Girl’ (2012). The protagonist describes her experience as a woman trying to be the perfect ‘cool girl’ stereotype her whole life. ‘Cool girl jams hot dogs into her mouth like she’s hosting the world’s biggest culinary gang bang.’

Megan Wynne “Shadows and Self Reflection”

This work is about the internal and external changes I have experienced since moving to Tallinn. Leaving home has given me the time and space to figure out who I am and where I fit in in this new environment. I took this image during a walk through the Old Town enjoying the sunlight after many months of overcast clouds. The text is taken from my own personal writing accounts, I feel it ...

Inna Tarakanova “Wish You Were Here”

My work depicts long-distance relationship and the precariousness of mental existence in two places simultaneously. It is possible to overcome the distance if locate oneself in a virtual reality for a moment.  I have used different collage techniques in making the image. Two images have been cut out of their context and placed closer to each other. Deconstructed parts are creating a new ...