Sigrid Viir “I’ll Think of a Title When I’ve Had Enough Rest” Installation, 8 x 9 m, audio (text “Infinity on the Beach” by Maarja Kangro), 2019. Photo: Paul Kuimet

Photography studies at EKA focus on the teaching of contemporary art using photographic means of expression. The photography curriculum includes both theoretical and practical subjects. Students master basic photographic techniques and visual literacy – the capability of analysing and making sense of a picture. The history of photography is umbilically tied to art, and thus our programme places significant emphasis on conceptual thinking and displaying of photographs in space as well as how it is related to other art forms – film, sculpture, installation, graphic art and painting.

Like in other creative specialities, our task is to reflect and analyse the global, societal, and personal processes in society and recreate an intellectual sphere with diverse, alternative and experimental formats.

We are the only programme in Estonia where one can study photography at the BA level. Within EKA, we are a centre of excellence in camera-based art with an analogue and digital darkroom, photography studio and equipment storage.

The bachelor’s programme in photography provides a good basic education that can be applied in various professions related to photography and (visual) culture – our alumni work in art, education and archival fields, journalism, architecture, fashion, and advertising photographers. Our community is small and cohesive; relationships between students and teachers are collegial. Over our twenty years of activity, we have developed traditions – organizing exhibitions, study trips, and parties.

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News and events

vitriingalerii_joosep_kivimae_1920_1080_pressika juurde

Joosep Kivimäe’s exhibition “I Love You”

Joosep Kivimäe I Love You Showcase Gallery, EKKM's facade, Põhja pst 35 In his artistic practice, Joosep Kivimäe contemplates mainly the structures and hot spots of contemporary consumer society. He is also intrigued by the vague borders between public and private infosphere in the context of the present era of information. The artist comments on his present exhibition as follows: "The ...

Joosep Kivimäe in the Showcase Gallery

Joosep Kivimäe’s solo exhibition “I Love You” will be open in the Showcase Gallery of EKA’s department of photography from September 15, 2021. The exhibition is  a part of the satellite programme of Tallinn Photomonth 2021. The Showcase Gallery is located on the facade wall of the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), Rumbi Str 3 / Põhja pst. 35, Tallinn). In his artistic practice, ...
FOTO Tallinn 10_Jenni Toivonen Are We There #7 (2021), Liv Liberg britt (mime face) #1 (2021), Cloe Jancis Mutant (2021)

EKA Artists at Art Fair Foto Tallinn 2021

Amongst the many well-known international photo artists at Art Fair Foto Tallinn, organized by the EKA photography department born Estonian Photographic Artists’ Association and the Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center, EKA Young Artist Prize winner Sten Eltermaa, EKA photography alumni Sigrid Viir, Paul Kuimet, Kristina Õllek, Krista Mölder and Cloe Jancis are exhibiting. Art ...
Ran Re Reimann

Jana Mašková in the Showcase Gallery

From June 22nd, the exhibition “In your skin you carry me” by Jana Mašková can be viewed in the Showcase Gallery of the Department of Photography of the Estonian Academy of Arts.  The exhibition will be open until August 1st and can be viewed 24/7. Showcase gallery, Põhja pst. 35 / Rumbi 3, Tallinn, 10415 June 22 – August 1, 2021 We carry a lot of weight on our shoulders. In our heads, our ...

The Showcase gallery starting a new season

The Showcase gallery of the Department of Photography is starting its new season.  The spring/autumn season of 2021 is dedicated to one-picture exhibitions.  The first exhibition, “On inimesi, kes surevad merd nägemata” ( There are people who die without seeing the sea)  by Céline Bernadac, will open on 11th of May. Céline Bernadac “On inimesi, kes surevad merd nägemata” ( There are people ...

“110m vahet” opens its last week

EKA Photography 1st year students’ exhibition “110m vahet” (110m distance) starts its last week! Anna Ovtšinnikova‘s “Aliens of Tallinn” and Micaela Dunne‘s “Loneliness and Solitude” have been open in two Old Town showcases (Suur-Karja 7 and Vanaturu kael 7) since April 28. This exhibition includes works completed within the framework of the art project of the 1st year students of the ...

Exhibition “110m apart”

Works at “110m apart” by the 1st-year students of the Department of Photography of Estonian Academy of Arts to be exhibited in two showcases of Tallinn Old Town!  Live Streaming of the exhibition opening is on Wednesday, 31rd of March at 3pm on the Instagram account of the Department of Photography of Estonian Academy Arts @eka_fotograafia. From the 31st of March, the exhibition “110m apart” ...


Portfolio Café is structured around one-on-one meetings that take place between local and international fine arts and design professionals and graduate students. Each meeting takes place about 50 minutes. During Portfolio Café sessions students introduce themselves and their work, and experts share their observations, provide recommendations ask, questions etc. After the first scheduled ...