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EKA, A501

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The annual Conference of EKA Doctoral School will take place on April 13th, 2023

EKA hall A501

Please register by April 10th at the latest.



9.45 Registration
10.00 Opening words, Dr. Anu Allas, Vice-Rector for Research, Head of Doctoral School

10.10 Key Talk: Prof. Esa Kirkkopelto (University of Helsinki), visiting professor of EKA Doctoral School 2022/23, „On the Possibility of Artistic Research“.

11.10 Coffee break

Art and Design, moderator Dr. Liina Unt

11.20 Taavet Jansen, supervisor Dr. Anu Allas
„Memento – Directing a Hybrid Event as Practice-based Research“. Discussant Nesli Hazal Oktay

12.00 Mia Čopíková, supervisors Prof. Karol Weisslechner, Dr. Nadia Kančevová
„Transformation of the Stones in Jewelry“. Discussant Varje Õunapuu

12.40 Nesli Hazal Oktay, supervisors Prof. Danielle Wilde, Dr. Kristi Kuusk
„Intimacy with Far-away Bodies“. Discussant Mia Čopíková

13.20 Lunch break

Architecture and Urban Planning, moderator Dr. Jüri Soolep

14.10 Johan Tali, supervisors Prof. Andres Kurg, Prof. Maroš Krivy
„Curious Cases of Exhibiting Architects: Shaping the Mindset Through Displays of Environments and Spatial Interventions“. Discussant Martin Melioranski

14.50 Martin Melioranski, supervisor Dr. Jüri Soolep
“Re-writing the Rules – Architecture by Iterative Ideas”. Discussant Johan Tali

15.30 Coffee break

Cultural Heritage and Conservation, and Art History and Visual Culture,
moderators Dr. Anneli Randla, Prof. Andres Kurg

15.40 Varje Õunapuu, supervisors Dr. Hilkka Hiiop, Ms. Karol Bayer
„How Is it Done? Technical Aspects of the Estonian Medieval Wall-paintings and the Underneath Plaster“. Discussant Mariann Raisma

16.20 Mariann Raisma, supervisors Prof. Linda Kaljundi, Dr. Anneli Randla
„Discontinuance or Continuity? Changes in the Role of Museums as Mediators of Cultural Memory During the Major Changes of the 20th Century“. Discussant Mariliis Elizabeth Holzmann

17.00 Mariliis Elizabeth Holzmann, supervisors Dr. Regina-Nino Mion, Dr. Barbi Pilvre
„A Diffractive Approach to Analyzing Horror Films Directed by Women“. Discussant Taavet Jansen

17.40 Coffee break

17.50 Roundtable (Dr. Anu Allas, Dr. Liina Unt, Dr. Anneli Randla, Dr. Jüri Soolep, Prof. Andres Kurg)

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