Conference of EKA Doctoral School

Conference of Doctoral School

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The annual Conference of EKA Doctoral School will take place on April 15th, 2021.

Performers, discussants and moderators will participate via ZOOM, all other participants are welcome to follow the conference via EKA TV

Viewers are welcome to ask questions via the link under the EKA TV broadcast window.

Please register by April 13th at the latest.

Conference is supported by European Regional Development Fund



10:00 gathering to Zoom and EKA TV

10:05 welcoming words: Vice rector for research Dr. Anu Allas

10:20 introduction from Visiting professor Dr. Danielle Wilde 

10:30 keynote talk: 

Dr. Lina Michelkevičė, associate professor Dr. Vytautas Michelkevičius (Vilnius Academy of Arts) “Atlas of Diagrammatic Imagination: How Can Maps Transfer Knowledge in Artistic Research”. Moderator Dr. Anu Allas


11:30 coffee break


Art and Design
Moderator Dr. Liina Unt

11:40 Britta Benno “Thinking in Layers, Worlding in Layers. Posthuman Landscapes in Extended Drawings and Prints” (supervisor Dr. Elnara Taidre). Discussant Ulvi Haagensen

12:15 Ulvi Haagensen “An Unravelling Line: A Story of Cleaning” (supervisors Dr. Liina Unt, Jan Guy). Discussant Britta Benno


12:50 lunch break


Cultural Heritage and Conservation
Moderator Dr. Anneli Randla

13:30 Maria Hansar “How Do We Make New Knowledge in the Conservation and Cultural Heritage Domain?” (supervisor Prof. Hilkka Hiiop). Discussant Nina Stener Jørgensen

14:05 Triin Talk “The Changes in the Community and Functionality of Tallinn Old Town” (supervisor Dr. Lilian Hansar, Caludio Milano). Discussant Mattias Malk


14:40 stretch break


Architecture and Urban Planning
Moderator Dr. Jüri Soolep

14:50 Mattias Malk “The Urban Fabric, Rail Infrastructure and Fit – A Rail Baltic Case Study From Tallinn” (supervisor Prof. Maroš Krivý). Discussant Triin Talk

15:25 Nina Stener Jørgensen “The Power of the Tower: Nicolas Schöffer’s Tour Lumière Cybernetique for La Défense 1962–1973” (Supervisor prof. Maroš Krivý). Discussant Maria Hansar


16:00 concluding discussion:

Vice rector for research Dr. Anu Allas, Visiting professor Dr. Danielle Wilde, Dr. Liina Unt, Prof. Krista Kodres, Dr. Anneli Randla, Dr. Jüri Soolep


16:45 break


Evening programme:

17:30 Screening of a research movie Ruinenlust Lasnamäel: ettekanded kunstnik-uurijale” by Britta Benno. The movie is in Estonian.


For more information:
Sirja-Liisa Eelma

Conference is part of the project “EKA LOOVKÄRG – Eesti visuaal- ja ruumikultuuri õppe- ja teaduskeskus (Sisutegevuste projekt)” nr 2014-2020.4.01.16-0045.

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