Denisa Štefanigová at Tütar Gallery

Tütar galerii, Vesilennuki 24, Noblessner, Tallinn

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On April 18, at 7:00 p.m., Denisa Štefanigová will open her personal exhibition “Look at the Clouds” at the Tütar gallery. The exhibition is designed by the artist Johannes Luik.

In the opening exhibition, Štefanigová’s recent works are on display, bringing to the viewers hybrid creatures and fantastic animals executed in an expressive-dynamic handwriting. It is an imaginative, dreamlike or subconscious world where creatures that have taken shape within a deeply personal and dynamic creative process have become the artist’s imaginary companions.

According to art historian Katrin Kivimaa, the hybrid imagery of Štefanigová’s works and the painting technique that emphasizes fluidity symbolize a way of seeing and interpreting the world, in which autonomous self-existence and placing the human being higher than the non-human (other living beings, nature) gives way to the ethics of coexistence and interdependence. “The field of meaning of the works connects with the problems of our world today. Reuse of old painting canvases in the creation of new works; the elimination of the boundaries between craft and so-called high art; the merging of human beings and other living beings – all these elements speak of the author’s ecological awareness and social nerve,” writes Kivimaa in the accompanying text of the exhibition.


Denisa Štefanigová (1995) is a Czech artist specializing mainly in painting. The artist graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a major in contemporary art and from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Brno University of Technology (FaVU). In 2023, personal exhibitions of Štefanigová took place in Prague gallery SVĚTOVA 1 and EKA Gallery in Tallinn. The artist has participated in group exhibitions at the Kadriorg Art Museum, the Brno Art House, the MO Museum in Vilnius and Hobusepea Gallery in Tallinn.

Denisa Štefanigová’s exhibition at the Tütar gallery will be open until June 2 and is free to the public.
The gallery is located in Noblessner harbor campus at Vesilennuki 24 and is open from Thursday to Friday 13:00-19:00, Saturday to Sunday 14:00-18:00.

Accompanying text of the exhibition: Katrin Kivimaa
Designer: Johannes Luik
Graphic design: Kert Viiart

The exhibition is supported by the Estonian Cultural Foundation, DSV Estonia and the Czech Embassy in Tallinn.

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