Master of Contemporary Art

MACA – Master of Contemporary Art

Interested in studying fine art (M.A.) at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn? Find all the information you need here!

Starting from February, APPLY HERE. Application deadline 1 March.

What does the Master of Contemporary Art (MACA) programme offer?

  • Freedom of designing your individual curriculum within a diverse programme that offers theoretical tools and practical training
  • Author-focused tutoring for contemporary artists
  • Access to professional studios of sound art, lens-based art, installation and sculpture, graphic art and painting
  • Collaboration with international artists, curators, philosophers, theorists and gallerists
  • A continuous programme of off-site events, study trips, exhibitions in galleries and museums, and collaboration with different art institutions and universities
  • Student exchange (KUNO, DAMA, ERASMUS)
  • Access to the experimental student-run artist spaces ISFAG and Vent Space for all possible forms of art presentation and development
  • A critical discursive environment for discussions about making, displaying and thinking about contemporary art and contemporary society

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Why Estonia? Everything is close, everything is possible.

With roughly 1.3 million citizens, Estonia is one of the smallest countries in the European Union. Not only is it located in the perfect spot to visit Scandinavia, Russia and other Baltic countries, its size and history also make it possible to have a unique study experience.

In Estonia, all important connections and resources are within an arm’s length. It is easy to access different political, commercial, social and educational institutions.

EKA offers its students several opportunities to exhibit their work in Estonia as well as abroad each semester. Our partners in art presentation and other activities are the Estonian Contemporary Art Museum, Contemporary Art Estonian Center, Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn Art Hall, and the Artists’ Association’s Galleries in the city centre. EKA also cooperates with the Tallinn Technical University, Tallinn University, and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

(And it is even not too difficult to reach the President of Estonia, should this be important for your art.)

Find out more about the Estonian art scene in this article by Kate Brown, and this interview with Margit Säde, Head of the Master of Contemporary Art programme at EKA 2017–2020.

In the fall of 2020 we were joined by two new Heads of the Programme: Mark Dunhill (UK) and Kristaps Ancāns (LV).

Do not hesitate to apply for the Master of Contemporary Art programme if…

… you value the development of your individual artistic practice. If the processes in society matter to you and you are passionate about your surroundings. If you like to think, imagine, create and dream. If you are motivated and ambitious, dedicated and enthusiastic, have creative confidence and critical thinking.

News and events


Contemporary Art MA programme online info session

Master of Contemporary Art (MACA) programme invites prospective MA students to join the online info session on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 15:00 (GMT+2). This online info session will be a good opportunity to hear more about the programme, and to meet and ask questions directly from people behind MACA. The open house event will be hosted online over Zoom. If you would like to attend, please ...
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Chun Au Yeung at Vent Space

Chun Au Yeung (Contemporary Art, MA), opens the exhibition “Don’t Think That I Am Pushing You Away” on November 11, 6 pm, at Vent Space. Live performance at 7 pm The exhibition is describing the dormitory situation and experiences during the 14 days quarantine. In the exhibition, the artist will explore a wide variety of mediums such as performances, video installation, drawings, sound and ...
Skærmbillede 2021-03-08 073727

Frida Retz + Johanna Jolen Kuzmenko

Frida Retz b. 1997 is a Danish artist studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen and has been a visiting scholar to the Estonian Academy of Arts as part of the Erasmus program this Spring Semester. Retz investigates feminism, sexuality and identity through a multidisciplinary, provocative and direct approach. Currently she is exploring gender inequality – especially female sexuality and ...

Veera Gontšugova + Christopher Michael

Vent Sapce recidency programme brought together Veera Gontšugova and Christopher Michael. Veera Gontsugova is a designer whose practice is based on creating spatial interventions of a different kind, including set and exhibit design, interior design and architecture, event production design and decoration, as well as installation art. Her practice focuses on neuro-architecture, immaterial ...


Portfolio Café is structured around one-on-one meetings that take place between local and international fine arts and design professionals and graduate students. Each meeting takes place about 50 minutes. During Portfolio Café sessions students introduce themselves and their work, and experts share their observations, provide recommendations ask, questions etc. After the first scheduled ...