Master of Contemporary Art

Installation view of "Wet Hearts of Everyday Thoughts", collaborative project with EKA Curatorial Studies, curated by Brigit Arop, installation by Heli Haav. Photo: Joosep Kivimäe.

MACA – Master of Contemporary Art

MACA is a two-year international program for emerging contemporary artists of different backgrounds intended to guide them during the development of their artistic position. The main focus is on the individual studio practice, which is supported by collaborative moments in the curriculum as well as masterclasses and courses introducing a range of artistic methods and platforms for research and critical reflection. In addition to intensive work in the studios, exhibiting in Estonia and abroad, and working in close collaboration with peers and tutors, students are encouraged to make use of the different facilities at EKA: professional photography and sound studios, workshops for wood- and metalworking, 3D modelling, textile, glass, ceramics, printmaking and many more.


The MACA program is meant for artists and practitioners who already have an active career and – while diving deeper into their fields of interest – wish to engage in collaboration, critical exchange and local context. Tallinn has a vibrant contemporary art scene with a number of art institutions and artist-run initiatives, including Vent Space that the students co-run with peers from EKA’s other programs and Uus Rada, an artist-run space initiated by the MACA students at the Raja street studio building. These spaces offer an opportunity to connect with the local art scene, providing an audience and supporting collaboration between colleagues and disciplines.


What does the MACA program offer?

  • Opportunity to assemble your curriculum within a diverse programme that offers theoretical tools and practical training
  • Individual tutoring for contemporary artists by contemporary artists
  • Access to professional studios of sound art, lens-based art, installation and sculpture and graphic art
  • Collaboration with local and international artists, curators, theorists
  • A programme of off-site events, study trips, exhibitions, and collaboration with different art institutions
  • Student exchange (KUNO, DAMA, ERASMUS)
  • Access to and experience of running the student-run Vent Space for all possible forms of art presentation and development
  • A critical discursive environment for discussions about making, displaying and thinking about contemporary art and contemporary society


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Find out more about the Estonian art scene in this article by Kate Brown, and this interview with Margit Säde, head of the Master of Contemporary Art programme at EKA 2017–2020. 2020–2022 the curriculum was led by Mark Dunhill and Kristaps Ancāns. From 2022, the head of the programme is Anu Vahtra.

Do not hesitate to apply for the Master of Contemporary Art programme if…

… you value the development of your individual artistic practice. If the processes in society matter to you and you are passionate about your surroundings. If you like to think, imagine, create and dream. If you are motivated and ambitious, dedicated and enthusiastic, have creative confidence and critical thinking.

News and events

Gedvil Rästas

Kelli Gedvil and Kristen Rästas in Draakoni Gallery

On September 6, 2023 at 18.00, the co-exhibition of Kelli Gedvil and Kristen Rästas Wake Me Up, When It’s All Over will open in Draakon Gallery. Wake Me Up, When It’s All Over, the co-exhibition of Kelli Gedvili and Kristen Rästas, poetically reflects on the introverted urge to find shelter from everyday sensitivities and encapsulate in the digital world. The artists are focused on creating ...

Defence presentations of Master’s theses in Contemporary Art and Animation curricula

Defence presentations of Master’s theses in Contemporary Art and Animation curricula June 5–6, starting 10.00 at the TASE ‘23 exhibition at Tallinn Art Hall, Vabaduse väljak 8 5. juuni / June 5 10.00 – 10.45, VI floor Heli Haav – master’s thesis: artistic component “Lilith” and written component ”Looking into the invisible: Attempts to find unspoken connections between the health of ...
Pretty Gimmicks Charming Trinkets and All the Other Things

Pretty Gimmicks, Charming Trinkets and All the Other Things

A group exhibition “Pretty Gimmicks, Charming Trinkets and All the Other Things” will open on Friday, June 2nd at 6 pm at the end stop of the Kopli tram line. The six participating artists are united by their love of things: their artistic practice revolves around nearly forgotten objects as if prolonging their lifespan. At a time when there are more (and far too many) things than ever, ...


On May 18 and 19, we invite you to visit the EKA gallery and the open spaces on the 2nd and 5th floors, where over the course of two days this semester’s works by the first-year MA Contemporary Art students will be exhibited. The exhibition is open on both days from 15:00–18:00 and is part of the Fine Arts Assessment Marathon, which offers an unique opportunity to get to know the current ...

Sarah Noonan at Vent Space

The Dirt Road, Vent Space Exhibition by Masters of Contemporary Art student Sarah Noonan opens May 2 at 18.00. Exhibition Opening times are 2–7 May from 15.00–19.00. 02.05–07.05 The Dirt Road by Sarah Noonan On September 24th, 2022 a small hurricane in Atlantic Canada destroyed an abandoned tree farm on a dirt road. The exhibition The Dirt Road symbolizes how the attachment to a specific ...
Anu vahtra

Anu Vahtra in Hobusepea Gallery

Anu Vahtra will open her solo exhibition along the wall, down the stairs, outside in Hobusepea gallery at 17:00 on Thursday, May 4th, 2023. Exhibition will be open until May 29, 2023. The exhibition along the wall, down the stairs, outside is a new installation by Anu Vahtra, consisting of works created since 2020. The process of observing and documenting situations, solutions and decisions ...

Roman-Sten Tõnissoo and Ellen Vene in Draakon Gallery

Roman-Sten Tõnissoo and Ellen Vene dive into the medieval darkness in Draakon gallery Roman-Sten Tõnissoo & Ellen Vene will open their co-exhibition If This Is Light, Then Give Us Darkness in Draakon gallery at 17:00 on Thursday, May 4th, 2023. Exhibition will be open until May 27th, 2023. If This Is Light, Then Give Us Darkness, the co-exhibition of Roman-Sten Tõnissoo and Ellen Vene, ...