Group Exhibition “Allow Yourself to Change” in the ARS Project Space

ARS Projektiruum, Pärnu mnt 154, Tallinn

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On Thursday, April 25, at 6 p.m., the exhibition “Allow Yourself to Change” will be opened in the ARS Project Space on the intersection of painting and artificial branches.

At the center of painting has always been humanity with its special flaws and virtues – the uniqueness and imperfection of the human hand, the inability to perform movements quickly and flawlessly and to repeat them identically has been the core of painting throughout the centuries-long history of the medium. While today’s artificial intelligence can create flawless forms at lightning speed, repeat them an infinite number of times, and draw images from the entire stock of human visual culture.

But what happens when the slow processuality of painting meets a working method that quickly and efficiently involves machine art instances and global data arrays? What role could an art oriented to deceleration have in the era of total acceleration, when people trust themselves more and more in the care of such technological systems, the working mechanisms of which they do not know, for the sake of efficiency, competitiveness and economic growth?

The exhibition features five Estonian artists, who in recent years have devoted themselves to the study of the relationship between painting and the artificial branch and cross traditional painting techniques with various digital technologies. Vano Allsalu feeds the artificial forest with paintings in his signature style and maps its capabilities in an abstract way of expression; Gerda Hansen plays with the idea of whether a painter of the era of machine art can step into the same river twice; Siiri Jüris allows his figural abstract paintings to mutate with the help of digital technology; Carl-Robert Kagge uses Photoshop’s generative fill feature to create painting screens, and Mart Vainre has developed an ouroboros analog-digital-analog color transformer. The curator of the exhibition is Liisa Kaljula, who works in the painting collection of the Estonian Art Museum and has curated several art exhibitions.

The preparation process of the exhibition is different from the usual curated group exhibition – the curator and the artists have met regularly in the studios of the participating artists to discuss the new situation in which art has been placed by the powerful appearance of the artificial branch: could painting, with its celebration of slowness, physical work and human error, be a counterculture of the age of digital acceleration? The temporary community created between the participants has helped to make sense of this moment in time, when the paths of painting and artificial branches inevitably cross and human and machine intertwine.

Artists: Vano Allsalu, Gerda Hansen, Siiri Jüris, Carl-Robert Kagge, Mart Vainre
Curator: Liisa Kaljula
Graphic design: Carl-Robert Kagge
Exhibition project manager: Mart Vainre
Installation: Johannes Säre

The exhibition “Allow yourself to change.” From painting in the age of machine art” will remain open in the ARS Projektiruumi until May 18, 2024.

The exhibition is supported by the Estonian Cultural Foundation and the Estonian Artists’ Union, the opening is supported by Põhjala.

In connection with the ARS Open Ateliers Day, on May 17th, tours conducted by the exhibition participants will take place, the finale of the exhibition will end with a discussion about the relationship between painting and new technologies.

ARS Projektiruum, Pärnu mnt 154, Tallinn

Open Mon-Sat 12-6pm

Free entrance

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Posted by Andres Lõo

Faculty of Fine Arts Exhibitions