Group exhibition Like a Windless Cloud at Hobusepea Gallery

Hobusepea galerii

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The exhibition is curated by Mariliis Rebane (EKA New Media, MA) and includes sculptures by Touristes Tristes (Dylan Ray Arnold & Océane Bruel), series of postcards by Leena Kela video works by artists Kristoffer Ala-Ketola, and Mika Taanila and a lecture performance by Subhangi Singh.

Like a Windless Cloud remains open until September 4.

The exhibition forms a constellation in which artworks interlace through their shared reflections on the accumulation of time. The curator of the exhibition was interested in searching for possibilities while also acknowledging difficulties associated with emptiness, lingering, and putting up one’s feet. In the company of the artworks, she wanted to welcome rest, slowing down, and taking it easy, as well as watching clouds pass over a clear blue sky. Along the way, came up an inability or unwillingness to succeed in this, but also other expectations related to the fast pace of contemporary life.

On Friday, August 11 a lecture performance titled Rest/Unrest: Notes on Loitering was held by Shubhangi Singh.

As part of the exhibition, a column by journalist Anton Vanha-Majamaa is translated into English and Estonian.

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Posted by Andres Lõo

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