“Inside Me, Unveiling Us” at EKA Gallery 17.01.–09.02.2023

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Aleyna Canpolat, Andrea Gudiño, Alp Eren Özalp “Inside Me, Unveiling Us” at EKA Gallery on 17.01—09.02.2023

Opening: 17.01 at 4 pm



According to Andy Goldsworthy, we often forget, that we are nature. When we lose our connection to nature, we’ve lost our connection to ourselves. The authors of the exhibition Aleyna Canpolat, Andrea Gudiño, and Alp Eren Özalp come together from different sides of the world Turkey and Mexico and study at EKA in the Urban and Animation departments. In the exhibition “Inside Me, Unveiling Us” they are asking how do we perceive a place, where we feel belonging, that embraces us as who we truly are. Nature tends to create a common roof for foreigners and locals. There are no various borders, languages, or countries. Nature is the only entity, that seems to be embracing us fully.

The exhibition invites the participants to explore connection points between their own identity and nature through physical and audiovisual elements. Each element is a different mixture of textures, animated territories, and anonymous silhouettes. The exhibition provides a periphery for visitors to reflect on their own emotions through different organic elements, words of unpredictable wishes, and shadows of daydreams and ambiance.


Aleyna Canpolat (b.1998) is an architect and designer who is currently studying in the Estonian Academy of Arts in the Urban studies department. She graduated with a MA level in architecture from Yıldız Technical University in 2021. In her creative practice, she is focused on biophilic and sustainable design. Throughout her education, she has curated many exhibitions and group discussions with ‘Mimarlık Bunun Neresinde?’. She has won different awards in several competitions, that she has participated in. 

Andrea Gudiño (b.1993) is a Mexican director, animator, and photographer. Her work is based on the experimentation of mixed media animation techniques such as stop-motion, cut-out, rotoscope, and 2D. She is currently studying in the Estonian Academy of Arts animation MA program. 

Alp Eren Özalp (b.1997) is a Turkish architect and designer who is currently studying at the Estonian Academy of Arts in the urban studies department. He graduated from the architecture department at Yıldız Technical University in 2020. He has worked professionally on urban planning and architecture and was awarded for creating a smart village project, which was then built in Azerbaijan. For this, he developed a design and a way to use wooden products using wood carving techniques. 


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