New contemporary art gallery Kogo presents “Viewing and Reading Room” as their first exhibition

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The opening event of the gallery, “Viewing and Reading Room”, will take place from 26 April to 5 May. It will present this year’s programme and introduce the gallery space and our artists. Participating artists are Alexei Gordin, Diana Tamane, Elīna Vītola, Kristi Kongi, Mari-Leen Kiipli and Eva Mustonen who will all have solo or duo exhibition in the gallery during 2018.

The artists will take over the new space in their own personal manner by creating either connections or headstrong opositions between each other. The gallery becomes a “viewing and reading room” where the visitors are invited to spend their time and to acquaint themselves with the works of the artists. Elīna Vītola and Kristi Kongi have different approaches and perspectives for working with abstractionism. While Kongi focuses on systematic research into light, colour and senses, Vītola presents the viewer with humorous observations about the connections that abstract art has with everyday life and politics. Social, personal and existential are represented in Alexei Gordin’s adventures in the art world but also in Diana Tamane’s sensitive approaches to the stories from her family history. Eva Mustonen and Mari-Leen Kiipli will work together to create an installation that will place the viewer face-to-face with bizarre found and invented objects.

Kogo’s programme will focus on artists’ solo projects, exhibitions born out of cooperation between artists and curatorial projects. The aim of the gallery is to help the represented artists with their international visibility and to introduce their artistic practices as widely as possible. Kogo represented already in October 2017 Diana Tamane at the Estonian Photographic Art Fair in Tallinn where the Outset Estonia purchasing committee selected her “Blood Pressure” as a gift to a foreign collection. Tamane was also invited by the Fotomuseum Winterthur to participate in the Pla(t)form project that represents young artists. Between 7 and 10 June, Kogo will participate in the ArtVilnius’18 art fair with works by Alexei Gordin, Elīna Vītola and Eva Mustonen.

Kogo has been supported by the Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center, Tartu Town Government, Council of the Gambling Tax, Cultural Endowment of Tartu and European Regional Development Fund. Artists’ mobility is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The gallery is opened: Wed – Sat, 12-18
Location: Widget Factory (Aparaaditehas, Kastani 42, Tartu, Estonia)

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Posted by Mart Vainre