“Noise” – EKA Glass and Ceramics Departement Joint Exhibition

MUBA, 3. krs

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End Date:

“NOISE” – A joint exhibition from students of The Estonian Academy of Arts in the  Ceramics and Glass department will take place at MUBA (Tallinn Music and Ballet School) on the 3rd floor, from May 15th to June 17th, 2024, 09:00-18:00.

The exhibition opening will be on Wednesday, May 15th, at 17:00.

While noise may initially repel us, we invite you to get a little closer instead. We encourage you to create a kind of bond with all kinds of noise, to at least try to get to know it – perhaps there’s a detail that surprises you or quite the opposite. We invite you directly into the heart of noise, into its spell…

Participating artists:

Kaja Knowers, Elisabeth Tõnne, Anna-Liisa Villmann, Johanna Hint, Keily Kerem, Karl Markus Gauk

Thanks to:

Tallinn Music and Ballet School, Estonian Academy of Arts, Punch Club, Printon Printing House, Reval Confectionery

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Posted by Andres Lõo

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