Peer review event of Jane Remm exhibition

Photo: Jaanus Remm
Vaal galerii (Telliskivi 60A/5, Tallinn)

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On Tuesday, 29th of August at 11.00 the peer review event of Jane Remm exhibition titled “Letters to My Neighbours. What Is It Like to Be a Door Snail?” will take place at Vaal Gallery (Telliskivi 60A/5, Tallinn).

Reviewers: Prof. Timo Maran, Prof. Linda Kaljundi
Supervisor: Dr. Urve Sinijärv

Peer review event is in Estonian.

The exhibition will remain open until 2nd of September, Tue–Fri 12–6 pm, Sat 12–4 pm.

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Posted by Irene Hütsi

Doctoral School