Peer review of Tõnis Jürgens’ exhibitions

"Dreaming of Babylon" Tartu Art Museum, 2023. Photo: Paul Kuimet
EKA, A202

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On 12 June at 15.00, the peer review of the exhibitions “Dreaming of Babylon” and “A Practice for Surrender” by Tõnis Jürgens, PhD student in Art and Design, will take place at the EKA, room A202.

Peer review event is in Estonian.

The event will be preceded by a screening of the video work “A Practice for Surrender” (2022, 12’49”) at 14.30, also in room A202. The film is in English.

The exhibitions are part of Tõnis Jürgens’ creative doctoral thesis. The thesis is about the digital measurement of sleep and the inevitable emergence of meaning in noise and patterns.

Supervisor of the thesis is Prof. Rolf Hughes (KU Leuven, Belgium).
The reviewers are Dr. Eva Näripea and Andrus Laansalu.

The exhibition “Dreaming of Babylon” was open at the Tartu Art Museum from 18.03.–14.05.2023, “The Exercise in Serenity” was open in the Vent Space project room from 20.–30.09.2022.

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Posted by Irene Hütsi

Doctoral School