Pre-reviewing of Sofia Hallik’s new exhibition “New World”

Very Hard, T1 kaubanduskeskuse 2. korrus

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On Thursday, 19 November at 17.00, pre-reviewing of Art and Design programme PhD student Sofja Hallik’s exhibition “New World” will take place at Very Hard, 2nd floor of T1 shopping mall. Exhibition is part of the artistic (practice-based) doctoral thesis of Sofja Hallik.

The exhibition opening will take place on November 5 at 18-21.

The exhibition is open until 21 November, 2020
Wed-Sat 12-19

Pre-reviewers of the exhibition: Dr. Raivo Kelomees, Keiu Krikmann

Supervisors: Prof. Kadri Mälk, Dr. Jaak Tomberg

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Posted by Irene Hütsi

Doctoral School