Students of Photography ask what the mid-twenties pretend to think about?

Vent Space (Kunstihoone sisehoovis)

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What the mid-twenties pretend to think about?

This Friday 6th of December at 20 the students of Estonian Academy of Arts photography department open the exhibition “Mid-twenties pretend they got it” at Vent Space gallery (Vabaduse väljak 6 back yard).

The exhibition is a conclusion of the working period that was marked by searching visual expression to the perception of one’s environment. The shared experiences and values in social space are interwined into several questions that the authors solve in the gallery space through the works in photographic, video and installative media.

How do we feel in the mental and physical space? What is individual and collective perception? What are the rules settled in this space? Are these rules functional? How can we change them? What is the information space we are located in? Which are the possibilities to use this space of exhibition?

Participating artists: Kristiina Aarna, Mark Cavanagh, Levent Efe, Stina Isabel Gavrilin, Inger-Liis Heinsoo, Zoe Komkommer, Kristina Kuzemko, Una Laurencic, Jana Mätas, Anna Tamm, Kertu Rannula, Diana Olesjuk, Laura Ruuder, Carolin Saage, Hans Jakob Väär.

Curators/guides: Kristiina Hansen, Sigrid Viir, Johannes Säre ja Laura Kuusk.

Vent Space gallery is located at Vabaduse väljak 6 yard in Tallinn.

The exhibition is open from 7.12-19.12 every day 12-19. Opening on 6.12 at 20.00.

On Friday, December 13th as part of the exhibition “Mid-twenties pretend they got it”, Kristiina Aarna will show her work ”Akadeemia tee 4” in the city space. Photo projection will be exhibited on December 13 at 5 pm – 7 pm at the rear wall of Akadeemia road 4 building.

Kristiina Aarna
”Akadeemia tee 4”

Art creates the public sphere, but what exactly does this mean? The first micro-district of Mustamäe was built in 1963. Thousands of people became fortunate enough to have access to warm water and a private kitchen. The plan for modernisation envisaged the creation of a residential environment, which people would not have to leave and where they would spend all of their free time. The 1960s also brought with them a great era for monumental painting in Estonia during which the first prefabricated residential buildings were decorated with pictures. These pictures represented both the synthesis of various Soviet art forms as well as an attempt by local artists to add diversity and variegation to the disjointed humdrum houses. The end walls of the prefabricated buildings on Akadeemia received optimistic sgraffitos by Valli Lember-Bogatkina, Margareta Fuks and Enn Põldroos, two of which are now hidden under a layer of insulation. The aim of my work is to produce a one-time photo-projection on the end wall of Akadeemia 4, thus making the hidden art visible again.

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The exhibition “Mid-twenties pretend they got it” is open from 7.12.19–19.12.19 every day at 12-19.

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