TASE ’18

Lembitu tn 10 (EKA vabade kunstide teaduskonna õppehoone)

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TASE is the annual spring graduation show of the Estonian Academy of Arts, with this year’s main exhibition taking place at the Faculty of Fine Arts building at Lembitu 10. The exhibition will open on 30 May at 17:00 and the final projects will remain on view until 13 June.

The exhibition can be considered a farewell ceremony to the temporary spaces EKA has been working on since its main academic building at Tartu mnt. 1 was demolished eight years ago. The Lembitu 10 building has hosted EKA’s academic and creative activities over the past four years and, with the TASE ’18 exhibition, students will have a chance, as a symbolic gesture, to show their final projects in a space that EKA will leave behind when it moves to the new building this summer.

The exhibition will feature the final projects of fine arts, architecture, design and art and culture master’s students with the additional final works of fine arts bachelor’s students.


Main organiser: Keiu Krikmann

Co-organisers: Fidelia Regina Randmäe, Solveig Jahnke, Mart Vainre, Maarja Pabut, Laura Kuusk, Kelli Turman and Ingela Heinaste

Exhibition design: Ulla Alla, Madli Kaljuste and Margus Tammik

Graphic design: Martina Gofman, Johanna Ruukholm, Nathan Tulve; supervisor: Indrek Sirkel


More info www.artun.ee/tase

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Posted by Mart Vainre