Tõnis Saadoja “September, October, …” in the WIELS Project Room

Tõnis Saadoja. "October. Pinkish Grey" Oil on Canvas. 2021

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Tõnis Saadoja’s exhibition “September, October, … ” opens in the WIELS Project Room, Brussels. The exhibition opening takes place on December 1 at 18.

In the painting series “September, October, …” the artist’s focus lies equally on two aspects – how to portray an unfunctional environment and how to paint a picture that is primarily about painting?

“I’m interested in the poetic dimension of an image and the conditionality inherent in the painting process provides one possibility to amplify this,” says Saadoja. “Painting is, first and foremost, a potential that may lead to new connections and meanings. It can also lead back to old routes and there’s nothing wrong with that either. But inside every repetition lies something new and gradually everything drifts away from its initial course.”

The exhibition in the WIELS will be open until December 19.

Tõnis Saadoja participated in the WIELS residency programme in 2019. Every year two Estonian artists are selected via open call to take part in the programme as part of the WIELS and the Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art’s collaboration project. Right now Ingel Vaikla is working in Brussels. In 2022 Krista Mölder and Sandra Kosorotova will take part.

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Posted by Andres Lõo

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