Triin Kukk and Erinn M. Cox at A-galerii: “Too Much”

A-galerii (Hobusepea 2, Tallinn)

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Triin Kukk and Erinn M. Cox
We always want more. We are constantly overwhelmed and filled with confusion and excitement of
how to think, feel and react to what happens to us and around us. We conjure images and words that
blur the edges of reality, often falling into obsessions where we can’t seem to get enough, to express
enough. We crave reckless love, endless joy, unbounding truths, and fantastical experiences; all the
while unsuccessfully fighting the temptation to fully follow our wants and wishes. But when do we say
something is too much? Where is the line between what is sufficient and what is excessive when our
hearts and guts beg for an endless more?

Triin Kukk is an Estonian jewellery artist, currently obsessed with stones. She finished her MA
studies in the department of jewellery and blacksmithing at the Estonian Academy of Arts this spring. Recently, Triin was awarded with one of the Galerie Marzee Graduate Prizes.
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Erinn M. Cox is a jewellery artist from the United States, currently residing in Tallinn, Estonia. She
holds a BFA in sculpture and photography from Florida State University, an MFA in sculpture and
installation from the Memphis College of Art, and a MA degree in Jewellery from the Estonian
Academy of Arts. Erinn has exhibited her work internationally, highlighted by her selection for
Schmuck 2018 and recently being awarded one of the Galerie Marzee Graduate Prizes in 2019.
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Over the course of two months, the artists will present a transforming exhibition of contemporary
jewellery and objects to contrast their perspectives of what may, indeed, be too much.

Join us for two special events:
Vernissage: Friday, September 13 at 6 pm
Finissage: Friday, November 15 at 6 pm
The exhibition is open until November 18, 2019

Hobusepea 2, Tallinn

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

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